CLONAID: 3 more clones

Brigitte Boisselier, the director of Clonaid, announced on Sunday that by the end of February, three more cloned human babies will have been born, bringing the total to five.

Brigitte Boisselier admitted in an interview with BBC TV that “we have produced hundreds of embryos for experiments and genetic tests and we have made ten in utero implants. Five of these have survived. Two have already been born and now we are expecting the others”.

The fact that the last cloned baby, born last week, was the copy of a Dutch lesbian (and will live with the lesbian couple in the Netherlands) proves that Boisselier and Clonaid do not care what lengths they go to, to satisfy their Raelian controllers.

The Raelien sect was founded by the journalist Claude Vorillon in 1975. He later adopted the name of Rael (messenger), claiming that humans had been formed from cloned aliens 25,000 years ago. The sect founded Clonaid to carry out the cloning of human beings.

The Raelians have some 55,000 followers in 84 countries, all strong believers in UFOs and in the alien origins of human life but also, in liberal sexual activity.

Joaquim Fernandes, Professor of Anthropology at the Fernando Pessoa University, explains that “They reject all taboos in terms of living in society, they accept homosexuality and trans-sexuality which can be an interesting attraction for some sectors of society”.

Those opposed to cloning point out that there is scientific evidence which proves that the clone faces serious health risks, among which is premature ageing, which is what happened in the case of Dolly the sheep.

Some psychologists also claim that the psyche of the clones could be damaged, since the notion of the self as an individual entity could become impaired.


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