Ten Methods to Fight Hangover

Russian methods are slower than Western ones

Fighting a hangover is a subject, which is actual almost for everyone after Christmas and New Year celebrations. American newspapers also publish their pieces of advice and recommendations for those, who wish to get rid of the so-called the-day-after feeling.

Method 1. American doctors recommend to have a cup of bee honey in the morning. As they say, honey qualities help a human organism to clean blood from alcohol. Method 2. A sauna is known as a very good way to fight a hangover. This variant is also known in the West as a “Russian” one. However, a classic Western method to enjoy life after too much alcohol is as follows: “If you are capable of walking to your bathroom, take two aspirin pills on your way there. After that have two glasses of water. Before taking a bath, you can have a cup of very strong coffee. Eat a small lemon and a thin toast. Spend a lot of time in a hot bath afterwards. Method 3: a Bloody Mary drink in the morning: a shot of vodka and tomato juice added with a hot spice.

Traditional Russian methods to fight a hangover work a lot slower in comparison with Western ones. Yet, they are as efficient and there is no need to go to a drug store.

1. Take a really profound sleep. It is a great thing to do, if you do not have to work on January 1. 2. Clean your stomach. It does not matter, which way you choose for that – two fingers in your mouth, or a liter of water in and out – just help your stomach. 3. Drink a lot of water or tea. Mineral water brings a lot of good for a lot of people. Some prefer coke – there is even a legend that coke was made as an anti-hangover remedy. 4. The most popular way of rehabilitation amid the Russian people is to have a little of what caused the whole thing. 5. Have a bottle of beer. Be careful. 6. Have some pickle. Avoid vinegar in it. 7. A bowl of hot broth or borsch would be very good. 8. Have a glass of kefir – it will help you to feel better.

The most important thing to do, when you suffer from a hangover is not to worry. You can turn a television at a low volume or play some quiet music. Recovery, skating and skiing comes the next day.

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