Union: Model for the Mankind Future

Spite all the troubles, Russian people remain optimists. Most of us still hope for the “bright future” which must come some time. If even that are not we who will live in this future, though that will be our offspring.

In the Pestovo settlement, Novgorod Region, the first private museum of Iosif Stalin has been opened. The museum founder, A.Kuznetsov started to create his collection already in 1961 when the campaign for discrediting Stalin was at its height. At that time, monuments of Stalin were being actively annihilated.

The main exhibit of the new museum is the collection of 17 gramophone records of the Stalin speeches. The museum opening was timed to the memorable date – foundation of the Soviet Union.

“People send their Stalin regards to comrade Kuznetsov and welcome the museum opening and ask a question: When the memory of the 20th century greatest political figure will be immortalized at the state level?” the site Nasha-Rodina.Ru notices.

So far, it is only a rhetorical question. It should be remembered that Stalin himself foresaw this kind of relationship to his person. In particular, he forecasted that many people would try to blacken his name and to arrogate to him all possible and impossible misdeeds.

Though, let us avoid speaking about sad things. At least the question is about the anniversary, about the day when the Soviet civilization was born. The civilization which is unique and at the same time traditionally Russian. For, a Soviet citizen could certainly say he is an atheist, though above all he estimated the truth and justice.

Once, PRAVDA.Ru already wrote about the USSR being now a kind of fashion: Soviet slogans, songs etc. Return of the Soviet hymn melody to the Russian hymn in some sense embodies these tendencies in today’s Russia, and first of all among Russian youth.

Though the most significant sign of the Soviet civilization was some special character of Soviet people. While this character hardly will be again in fashion, for fashion is something superficial and transient. To possess again this character, the society must internally reborn. This was the subject of the article “From Today to Tomorrow” by now late academician Valery Lagasov (October 1987):

“Machinery of which our nation is proud, which was an important part of the Gagarin flight, was created by people who stood on Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky’ shoulders. People who created that machines were brought up on great humanitarian ideas, on beautiful literature, high art, on correct moral feelings, on the bright political idea of the new society building, the idea that this society being the most progressive. This high moral feeling was present in everything: in personal relations, in relationship to a human being, to machines, to one’s duty. All this was the in the people’s education. While machines were for Soviet people only the expression of moral qualities which they possessed. They expressed their moral in the machines as they were taught to express everything in their life by Russian writers Alexandr Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov. While engineers of next generations who replaced these people mainly stand on the shoulders of people with technical education, who can see only a technical side of the thing. Though, if somebody is brought up only on technical ideas, he can only replicate and perfect machines, though he hardly can create something new…”

So, in contrast to the West, the Soviet civilization was not technocratic, not rationalistic, it was based on some different ideas. And the future belongs namely to the civilization of the kind.

“In the Gorbachev time,” Doctor of Philosophy Yury Budantsev remembers, “when technocrat politicians passionately discussed the USSR future, I saw leaflets people stocked on the walls with calls “For the Soviet Union!” with the Legasov portrait. Even after his death, Legasov was fighting with the USSR destroyers. “According to his biopolicy, everybody needed the Soviet Union to survive. The Union is our common shield, our common chain mail woven by many generations. The Union is the prototype of a future civilization, the way to this civilization, achieved by people through suffering, the step from the civilization of fear to the civilization of consciousness.

“It is not by chance that Russian philosopher Vernadsky who forecasted the nuclear weapon creation later refused from any participation in it. He created the contrary - a life-asserting conception of biosphere and knowsphere and did his best to strengthen the USSR. We should base ourselves on the fact that the cross God has given to us like to Himself, which people sooner or later must face, that troubles we already went through are not the worst. While the most terrible experience is before us. To deal with them, certain system organization of society is necessary, some social-natural integrity, which would develop according to natural laws. From the Providence view, the creation of the USSR and its victory in the Second World War was a kind of this integrity working-off. This is the model of the mankind future.”

Sergei Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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