Russian Beauties Are the Best!

The scandalous incident when Russian Miss Universe-2002 Oksana Fyodorova was deprived of her title didn’t influence the decision of the jury of the Miss Europe-2002 beauty contest. Russian beauty Svetlana Koroleva, 19, already known as Miss Russia-2002, became Miss Europe-2002.

After the girl’s triumph at the beauty contest Miss Russia-2002, image makers said Svatlana won the title as her image of “a cold bitch” was extremely popular among the society.

However, Svetlana won the contest not only due to this factor. The period of stupid barbies, who win beauty contests due to the looks only, is gone; now universalism and exotic of beauties are the factors that are of special value. Former Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova is a police lieutenant commander, a post graduate student at the St.Petersburg Police University. Svetlana Koroleva is much younger and her professional prospects are very much promising; the beauty is a fourth-year student at the technical school for municipal services. And there is enough exotic about the girl as well: Svetlana lives in the Russian republic of Karelia, the place is really astonishing and mysterious even for Russians. Foreigners even say that there are probably water-nymphs in Karelian lakes, and Svetlana Koroleva may be one of them.

Besides, Svetlana is exceptionally smart and reasonable for her age; the girl is slender and her speech is correct. At that, the shape of the Karelian beauty slightly differs from the notorious standard of 90-60-90: her breast is 83 cm, the waist is 60 cm and the hips are 90 cm; the girl is 1.77 meters tall, her weight is 52 kg, but she confesses that loses weight even to 46 kg when too nervous. The president of the national beauty contest Miss Russia, Nikolay Kostin says that Svetlana’s success is “another triumph of Russian beauty, the beauty of Russian women.” It was generally admitted that Svetlana’s success was “absolute and unconditional”, the head of the Russian delegation of the Miss of Europe-2002 contest says.

A fan club of the Russian beauty was opened in Svetlana’s native place, the city of Petrozavodsk in Karelia. However, the girl says that star fever is alien to her and she won’t put on airs because of the triumph at the beauty contest.

Svetlana Koroleva was born on February 12, 1983. The girl came to the world in ten minutes after her twin sister Irina; there are three children in the Korolevs’ friendly family.

Two years ago, Svetlana Koroleva entered the technical school for municipal services, where she studies water supply and drainage systems. Svetlana’s mother graduated from this technical school 19 years ago; it was the girls’ mother who recommended them to enter this very technical school, as she wanted them to follow her footsteps.

Teachers at the technical school knew that Svetlana actively took part in different beauty contests and feared that lots of problems may arise in this connection; they anticipated conflicts in the group where the beauty studied. However, the apprehensions were in vain: Svetlana never demonstrated her advantage over other girls. She is a kind, good-humored and helpful girl. Unlike many of the students, Svetlana Koroleva is always respectful toward teachers.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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