Unique meat quality detector developed

A unique device to determine the quality of meat and meat products has been developed in Moscow. Its authors are scientists from the national Meat Industry Research Institute, test laboratory of the main veterinary at the ZAO Mikoyan Meat-Packing Combine together with programmers from the DIVISI Group and specialists of the quality inspection.

The quality analyzer, unprecedented in Russia, is designed for microstructural, morphological and morphometric examination of raw meat at all stages of the industrial process, said Lyudmila Gordiyenko. She is in charge of the State Inspection board for the quality of farm products, primary materials and foods under the Moscow administration. The analyzer's registration is GOST-51604.

It assesses the quality of meat and products depending on their microstructure and composition. Its employs the method of histological study, determining the composition of raw meat, assessing its freshness or degradation, identifying its make-up, discovering cases of adulteration, violation of processing models and storage conditions.

The State Quality Inspection has already tested the device during inspections of Moscow's meat-packing plants, such as the Mikoms /the Mikoyan Combine/. Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov has seen it in operation and set high store by the new meat quality detector, said Gordiyenko.

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