Is Garry Kasparov a Swindler?

An Israeli bank blames the chess player of losing a source of income and of a 1.6 million dollars damage
As is known, chess is the art of sheer, pragmatic but still elegant calculation. That is why, any dealings with a chess player are dangerous to people’s reputation and purse. Especially with Chess World Champion since 1985, Garry Kasparov. Men of this kind can even surpass Santa Klaus with making Christmas presents. As it turned out, Garry Kasparov is an expert at making unpleasant surprises.

On the eve of 2003, the First International Bank of Israel is blaming Russian chess player Garry Kasparov of the refusal to pay off a loan at the rate of 1.6 million dollars, the Bloomber agency informs. The bank is deeply insulted with the insolence of the chess champion and has sent an appeal to the Delaware circuit court.

Russian lawyers would have estimated the actions of the chess champion as a fraud with a high degree of cynicism. The Israeli bank provided a loan at the rate of 1.6 million dollars to the chess champion in September 2000. Garry Kasparov guaranteed repayment of the loan with shares of his new company Kasparov Chess Online which he gave to the bank. However, as attorneys of the bank say, the debtor suddenly issued an instruction to close the website and abandoned the company. As is said in the bank’s appeal to the court, Garry Kasparov broke an agreement concluded with the bank when he closed the website, thus the company was deprived of its source of income.

The bank is going to ask the court to cancel the decision on the website’s shut-down and to prohibit Garry Kasparov to create a rival website. Besides, the First International Bank of Israel is going to demand a compensation from Garry Kasparov; the amount of the compensation is not yet estimated.

The chess player avoids making comments upon the situation. However, his mother, Klara Kasparova described the situation as “absolutely absurd.” She said the statements of the bank contradicted the reality as the terms of the agreement between the Israeli bank and the chess champion were different; she promised that Garry Kasparov would soon give a more detailed explanation.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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