Yemen Gets More Important for America

Three American doctors killed in Yemen, one wounded

Yemen reminds of a bomb that is about to blast. Al-Qaida found itself a soft spot in this country in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula with the connivance of local authorities. Bin Laden's organization established a contact with local radical Islamic groups and then started setting up something like another Afghanistan.

PRAVDA.Ru has repeatedly addressed to the Yemen issue. In the article entitled “Yemen Shows America the Door” we wrote that Washington lost Yemen out of its sight, being too much occupied with Iraq. This is exactly what happened now. We would like to remind here that Yemen was included on the US State Department’s list as a country, in which Al-Qaida gunmen probably found a shelter. In addition to Yemen, the list also included such countries as Sudan, Libya, and several other countries. Americans were going to conduct a special operation in Yemen in order to detect and to destroy terrorists and their bases.

The Saudi newspaper As-Sharq al-Ausat wrote that about 800 American soldiers including a contingent from the "Delta Force" had already been deployed to the French base in Djibouti, waiting for an order to start the operation in Yemen. Yet, the order is not coming, since Yemen prohibited the American troops to conduct the anti-terrorist operation on its territory. This was officially said by Vice Speaker of the Yemen government, Naji Al. The official warned that the direct military interference of the USA in Yemen’s internal affairs would have very serious consequences. The vice speaker added that Yemen had enough money and energy to detain the outlawed people. Naji Al said that Yemen would not allow other countries to conduct operations that touch upon the country’s security.

Slowly but surely, but the local government started pinching Al-Qaida. Six members of this terrorist organization died on November 4 of the current year as a result of a car explosion. The Pentagon stated that it was one of its achievements. Yet, they say that it was not true.

On November 17 the special services of Kuwait prevented an act of terrorism that was planned by Al-Qaida. A 21-year-old Kuwait national was arrested for collecting the money in order to attack a Yemen hotel, in which American citizens stayed. The arrested man stated that another Yemen national Osama al-Yemeni was going to run a car filled with bombs into the hotel in Sanaa. The terrorist managed to collect $127 thousand by the moment of his detention.

Al-Qaida’s reaction to that was immediate. An act of terrorism took place in Yemen’s capital Sanaa on November 20. The act was aimed against a top official from the political security service that dealt with the investigation of Al-Qaida’s activities. A stranger threw a bomb in the yard of Akhmed Naser’s house (security service officer). The blast broke windows in the houses nearby and damaged several vehicles. No one was injured. Two suspects were detained.

Another explosion took place on November 29. A bomb was placed between the house of the chief of the security department in Marib province and the building of the road police in the town of the same name. Several acts of terrorism were prevented on December 26, 2002, by Yemen security services. Those prevented acts were organized by Al-Qaida against Western citizens. The acts should have taken place on Christmas night.

Another act of terrorism happened four days after that. A stranger entered the American missionary hospital in the town of Jibla and opened the fire. Three American doctors were reportedly killed, one American citizen was wounded. Their names have not been exposed yet. Several other people were wounded too. The terrorist is currently questioned. As it is supposed, he is a member of one of Islamic groups in Yemen.

It is not hard to predict American administration’s further actions. Scouring procedures in Yemen will become an exercise before the beginning of the new war in the gulf. The war will make those who doubt acknowledge the new world order with the USA as the first fiddle.

Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh has visited Russia recently. His communication with President Putin and Prime Minister Kasyanov was more than fruitful. By the way, the total volume of Russian defense technology deliveries to Yemen made up more than eight billion dollars. This is not the limit. The cooperation will continue in civil fields as well. Russia has its own economic interests in Yemen, as well as in Iraq. The war in those countries makes the realization of those interests doubtful.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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