War Re-waged in Chechnya

Building of Chechnya Government in Grozny blown up because of General Troshev?

PRAVDA.Ru journalist Ilya Tarasov managed to have a telephone conversation with one of the most influential people belonging the teip (clan) of the Chechen administration leader Ahmad Kadyrov. For obvious reasons, his name is not mentioned. Unlike his outstanding relative, the man holds no official post in the Russian administration of the republic. He is bound only by the adat (the Chechen clan laws), that is why he can truly tell us what happened in the Chechen capital yesterday and for what reasons. What we knew from him is as follows:

“Yesterday’s explosion in the House of Chechnya Government means the end of the stabilization period in the North Caucasus. The act of terrorism killed two birds with one stone: what was done by the administration headed by Ahmad Kadyrov came to nothing.

The organizers of the terrorism act pursued their selfish ends first of all. They need money and plan to seize the money that will be appropriated by the federal center for construction of a new building of the republic’s government. Shamil Basayev and Zelimkhan Yandarbiev, who are currently in hiding in Qatar, are behind the explosion. They also aimed at destabilization of the situation in the republic; they planned to make the federal troops angry and to scare the Chechen people with the threat of more mass cleansing.

I follow the information reported by mass media; it is strange that nobody paid attention to an astonishing coincidence that the explosion sounded right after General Troshev was dismissed. Gennady Troshev is a brave and respectable man; what is more important, he was born and grew up in the Caucasus, he knows the customs and traditions of our people perfectly well. Chechens always trusted him. Under Troshev not only special services, but even the army managed to carry out several very important special operations. Several field commanders and foreign mercenaries, such as Barayev senior and Hattab were liquidated during the operations. Troshev is dismissed, and the Chechen war will start once again. That is why it is not ruled out that some corrupt circles in Moscow are behind the explosion in Grozny; they may be people from the presidential administration and from the General Staff who are interested in political and economic destabilization in the North Caucasus.

According to the information I’ve got, the explosion was also designed to exert influence upon several influential Chechens who still hesitate whether to support Ahmad Kadyrov or the leaders of Chechen terrorists. The other day, a group of 30 terrorists surrendered to the republic’s administration; the people were under the command of Aslan Maskhadov. Under Kadyrov, the administration managed to establish at least some order in the republic. Now these achievements are under the threat.”

A terrorism act of this kind in Chechnya was last committed on October 10, when the building of the regional department for internal affairs was blown up in the Zevodskoy district of Grozny. As a result of that terrorism act, 25 people were killed and 17 wounded. The republican law enforcement authorities stated that the explosion was organized by some man of the Chechen police, as no unauthorized persons were allowed to the building. According to our sources in Chechnya police, the explosion in the House of the Government was performed on the same scenario. Recently appointed Minister of Chechnya Internal Affairs, Ruslan Tsarayev, carries out a mass cleansing in the republican police: all 16.600 Chechen policemen currently have to undergo certification. There are several influential people among them, who are certainly displeased with the innovations.

As Aslan Maskhadov told right after the explosion in Grozny, many Chechens cooperated with the “occupation administration” only in order to survive, which means they did it just to earn money.

Ilya Tarasov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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