Probably It Was Maskhadov Who Blew Up Administration Building In Chechnya

Minister for Chechnya Affairs Stanislav Ilyasov says that 150-200 people were in the building of the Chechen administration in the city of Grozny at the time of the explosion. Chief Federal Inspector for Chechnya Imran Vagapov says that the number of wounded and killed by the explosion is great enough, BBC informs. Vagapov adds that the greatest damage was registered in the canteen situated in the administration building; lots of people were there at the moment of the explosion. It is likely that some people may still remain under the canteen debris.

Dozens of people were killed and dozens wounded as a result of the terrorist act; the exact number is being still defined. There are several women among the killed and the wounded.

Head of the Chechen administration Ahmad Kadyrov was on a business trip to Moscow when the accident occurred in Grozny. His press-secretary was slightly wounded by the explosion. When Ahmad Kadyrov learnt about the tragedy, he immediately left for Chechnya. According to provisional data, the explosion was committed by suicide bombers.

By the way, a day before the explosion, mass media reported that leaders of the international extremist organization “Moslem Brothers” were displeased with the inactivity of bandit groups headed by Maskhadov. The organization was indignant at the terrorists who preferred to stay in the mountainous parts of Chechnya and carry out no operations on the flat territories. “Moslem Brothers” say that investments and assistance to North Caucasus terrorists must by worked off. Aslan Maskhadov is openly blamed for cowardice and for poor management of the terrorist groups.

Radio “Voice of Russia” reported on December 26: “Any other field commander, even a brigade general would have been shot long ago for such work. However, they still hesitate to use force against Aslan Maskhadov, because his only presence among international terrorists allows foreign extremist centers to say they are once again rendering assistance to fighters for Chechnya independence.”

However that may be, but the criticism “from abroad” concerning Chechen terrorists was received from captured Arab mercenaries. Certainly, Aslan Maskhadov himself and his close company were also aware of the criticism. They also understand that they must repay the investments made in the terrorist groups. Besides, Maskhadov’s terrorists strongly dislike the outlining political regulation in Chechnya and the beginning restoration of peace life.

The tragic days of the Nord Ost hostage crisis demonstrated perfectly well that Aslan Maskhadov would stop at nothings. And if necessary, he will make everyone bleed. This was confirmed by Maskhadov’s threats recorded on a video tape and broadcast on TV. Probably, the continuation is already taking place.

As was reported, leader of the Duma group “People’s Deputy”, Gennady Raikov suggested to organize a special large-scale operation to liquidate all terrorist bases in North Caucasus.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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