Submersion into the Depth

The US authorities are so much preoccupied with the struggle against terrorism that are even ready to give up the symbols of the country
Why did many people want to get to the USA and still want to go there now? The answer is simple. Some people want to get better conditions of life, some leave for the USA because of persecution in the homeland and others expect to get a good education there. There are lots of reasons why Russians leave the country for the USA, and Americans were always proud with the fact that America was the center of attraction for people of different races, religions, of different means, etc. This was mostly achieved due to the popular ideological phrase: “America is the most independent and democratic country where all people can realize their talents.” Or at least people can expect to have a quieter life there. Currently it seems that the USA is ready to give up the symbols which it has been infusing into the minds of Americans and the whole of the world within the several past decades.

The September 11 has on the whole become some kind of a label, a symbol. The official ideology reiterates that on that day terrorists encroached upon the symbols of America: its freedom and democracy. It is also declared that the terrorists failed with the encroachment; on the contrary, America declares it has become stronger after the attack and can do away with terrorists. But it seems that nobody knows properly with whom and how America should do away.

No, everybody knows that the 9/11 attacks were organized by bin Laden’s terrorists; that there are countries the leaders of which may one day obtain nuclear weapons and deliver a blow against the USA which will be much stronger than the attacks at the WTC towers and at the Pentagon building. It’s obvious that the USA is not quite sure of its final success. And sometimes America even attacks its people so that to scare the others as well.

Information from this part of the world was abundant in reports saying that the USA started a new stage of witch hunting. Arabs and Iranians were as a rule in the role of “witches”. At first, Americans decided to take fingerprints of people coming from “unreliable” countries such as Sudan or Saudi Arabia. Then they started taking the fingerprints of emigrants of Iranian origin who have been living in the USA for dozens of years already. Further, the FBI informed directions of educational institutions that they should better (on a voluntary basis certainly) provide information concerning their Moslem students: the names, the places of origin and spheres of activities. This request is some kind of insurance, because some time ago the FBI missed the increasing number of Arabs in the American flying schools. However, as it turned out later, the information was obtained from FBI agents. And they inquired for no special data from the flying schools.

The US Customs Department introduced some innovations concerning the problem as well: it demands that European airlines must provide access to confidential information about their passengers. This is done for the same very reason – in order to reveal terrorists. What is more, America imposes serious sanctions upon airlines that refuse to provide necessary information: the airlines may be even prohibited to cross the air space over the US territory. It is not ruled out that this measure was introduced to support American airlines that are experiencing rather hard times.

So, the whole of the country is up for the struggle against terrorism. Today even little kids know where American enemies are hiding: among Arabs, Iranians, among those who profess Islam. On the other hand, nobody in the USA will officially declare that Moslems are considered a source of menace for the country, as it would sound politically incorrect.

A typical situation was observed in the USA in the 1950s, but at that time enemies were searched for among communists and their supporters. The problems of national security, threats to freedom and democracy were at that time the topics of the day. On the whole, no wonder that the “stronghold of the world’s democracy” sticks to the methods that can hardly be called democratic. After all, it is up to the US authorities: if they want to guarantee the people’s security this way, not otherwise, it’s their problem. But if so, they should mention the words “freedom” and “democracy” in official reports as seldom as possible.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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