The American Bloodhounds

Nineteenth Century was the century of Great Britain and the twenty-first century appears to belong to the United States of America. Great Britain ruled Asia, Africa, America and Europe, since the dawn of history till the dismemberment of the British Empire. Those were the times when the British use to boast that sun never sets in the British Empire. The Americans as every nation would, resented the economic policies of Britain, particularly the right of parliament to tax the colonies, and by the exclusion of the colonists from participation in political decision affecting their interests. This awakening spread all over the British Empire till it caught the imagination of political leaders all over the British Empire.

The two World Wars in the twentieth century gave America the life time chance of minting money by supplying arms to the warring nations in the great war of 1914. As luck would have it, Herr Hitler the dictator of Germany imposed another war on Great Britain in 1939, which continued till 1945, this war also gave the American nation, basically a nation of Money Mafia to mint money. The Americans participated in this war with Great Britain under a lend-lease agreement, had Japan not bombed Pearl Harbor, Americans would never have joined the war, as an American is not a fighter, he mostly believes on technological fight for which he should be grateful to Herr Hitler. Had Hitler not drove the Jews out of Germany, which also included the famous scientist Albert Einstein, the father of Atom bomb, the war would have carried out for much more years, through guerrilla warfare in which the Americans are least capable of entering into.

These two wars 1914-18 and 1939-45 gave the Americans the taste of blood and power, crippled by the 2nd World War, 1939-45, Great Britain is satisfied with its position of a subsidiary power in the world comity of nations and is contended with its position as a second fiddler to the United States of America who has got money, resources, scientific knowledge and any thing and every thing, which God bestows upon.

The great American President Abraham Lincoln, who defined the theory of democracy, is no more and his theory is also no more, all the beautiful epithets found in political dictionary are now only subservient to the pleasure of the American President. There is no democracy anywhere on the surface of the earth. America is now trying to introduce a system, which they call, the New World order, which only means the new American order. So to say, there is a United Nation Organization founded by the collaboration of the two partners and Mr. Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the United States. This organization was mainly founded to settle the differences between the member nations, but what is the UNO for now? Palestine and Kashmir are hanging fire on the desk of successive Secretary-Generals of the United Nation without any result. America is easily able to bulldoze a Secretary General to confirm to the actions of the President of United States, right or wrong. Having tasted blood and power the merchants of America have turned into a ferocious lion, who requires more blood, which requires more power and more territories for himself. It is time now that the subservient nations should unite, like the famous wild buffalo and kill the King of the Jungle of the world. Otherwise no nation would be left with any iota of self-respect, and sovereignty to rule their country.

It is Iraq’s turn today, tomorrow it is going to be Iran and Saudi Arabia, after having control over the oil power there is nothing much effort left to control the rest of the world with the vast American fleet and than sun would not set in the American Empire, may be during the 21st Century but the laws of God are different. As sun now sets in the British Empire, it would again set in the American Empire, may be in 22nd Century. History is full of wrath of God inflicted upon the arrogant rulers. America is now out to change the map of the world and has started day dreaming in their star war program through reactivating nation missile defense system, in violation of Anti-Missile Treaty of 1972, which President Bush thinks would save America from any future threat from terrorists and rogue states, who oppose American world order plan. So far the Middle East is concerned, it is an irony of fate that the most peace loving Arabs are considered as the terrorist in the world, who are alleged to finance the terrorist activities all over the world. The American fundamentalist in their ignorance do not like to change their policies towards persons who are outside the fold of Christendom and since they are two billion in number, they have given the Muslims, the title of fundamentalist, one of the greatest tenet of Islam is unity, unity and unity, which has been aptly described in the following couplet of Allama Iqbal: “Aik hoon Muslim Haram ki Passbani key liyey, Neel key sahil sey laiker Taabakhakey Kashgher.” Meaning thereby that Muslims must unite from the shores of River Nile to the land of Kashgher in China to protect the sanctity of Harem.

On the eve of Christmas the message of the Muslim world to their Christian brethren is to avoid clash of civilization and deal with the situation arising out of the personal war against the so-called terrorism with wisdom, dexterity and firmness. World can not afford another holocaust, which will be grimmer and more devastating than the 2nd World War, which has caused 200 million human lives, it is now up to the so-called civilized western world to chose, what is good and what is bad for them, the law of nature will work in its own order, whether one believes or does not. It is therefore imperative that all nations outside the fold of America, namely Russia, China, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, India Pakistan, Iran and Turkey should unite and become a force against the American aggressor. Probably this may become a reality in 22nd Century.

Ali Ashraf Khan Pakistan Special for PRAVDA.Ru

Author is Member, Managing Committee, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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