Communist leader admits there is certain disorder among party-members

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov has admitted that not all members of his party and the People's Patriotic Union of Russia fully observe the party's discipline. At a press conference on Monday Zyuganov gave comments on certain mass media's publications regarding the Union executive committee's behavior.

Certain mass media recently published materials about the Union executive committee members' luxurious celebration in a restaurant of the Union Coordination Council's conference. "The party is seriously concerned about the behavior of some "merchant union-members", the Communist party leader said. Despite the fact that the Coordination council had strictly forbidden it, the Union executive committee members celebrated the meeting "in an ostentatious and prodigal manner", he stated. The Communist party leader believes in this way the "merchant union-members" are discrediting the opposition movement.

Zyuganov also confessed that he was concerned about the situation in the Leningrad communist organization. The new head staff of the regional organization has found "bad allies", he said. "They decided to focus on those who have a big purse," the leftist opposition leader stated. However, Zyuganov is convinced that "the Leningrad organization will improve". "Our weapon is truth, not money," Zyuganov pointed out.

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