Serbian-Montenegrin Collapse

Right after the Serbian election, presidential election in Montenegro failed, too
Although officially, the election has not acknowledged to be frustrated yet, the conclusion could be made already now. Only 46 percent of the electorate came last Sunday to election districts (while at least 50 percent is necessary plus one vote more). Second attempt to elect the president will most likely take place in January.

It should be remembered that earlier Serbs twice tried to elect president. Now, the third attempt is to be expected. But Montenegro seems to follow the Serbian example. BBC reports about troubles of Yugoslavian politicians: now, only two republics belong to the federation, while within two weeks, in both of them the elections failed, for with such unripe democracy people neglect the voting. According to observers, Montenegrins ignored the election because of the economical crisis which still has not left the republic. While on the background of the crisis, the opposition calls to the election boycott, and high functionaries are accused of implication in trafficking of human beings.

Like in Serbia, people in Montenegro no more confide in candidates for the supreme state post.

At the same time, the main tendency is obvious: centrifugal processes start to speed. So, the candidate from ruling party, Filip Vujanovic gained over 80 percent of the vote (however, from the number of that people who did not ignored the election). Vujanovic is known through his flaming proclamations in support of full independence of Montenegro from its “older sister” Serbia.

According to Radio Jugoslavija, in the Montenegrin election race, 6 party candidates and 5 independent candidates participated. In Montenegro, 456,981 people have votes. The biggest opposition bloc – Together for Changes – proposed no candidate and even called to the election boycott. Sergei Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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