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Epochs replace each other in today’s Russia too fast. The epoch of developed socialism gone, having given place to the epoch of developed democracy. The latter, in its tern, was divided into shorter (up to 8 years) epochs of legally elected presidents. The first President once said he lived in the epoch of Russian pop-star Alla Pugacheva. So, you see, there are too many epochs. The Chinese wisely say: “God save us from living in a change epoch!” And nobody would understand them better than Russians.

People were glad to say goodbye to the Yeltsin epoch. According to numerous polls, at least two thirds of respondents approve his free-will resignation. Most of people justly associate with the Yeltsin period the Gaidar shock therapy, the Chubais privatization, the bloody events of 1993, corruption scandals, default and wars in Chechnya.

It is a real anecdote: in 1996, before the presidential election, in the very centre of the city of Vladivistok, there was a huge poster: “Yeltsin is the quiet of our power!” If somebody calls it “quiet,” so what is trouble?

Now, we have a new president. He is young and vigorous, smart and eloquent. He is well posted on all troubles and enthusiastic as for overcoming them. He is our hope and buttress. Recently, he answered the citizens questions for about two hours, very competently and without needless emotions, while showing his possession of information. So, his rating, which is not low at all, will rise. And everything looks all right. Though, there is one thing I find embarrassing: the questions are the same every year. Too high prices, too small salaries, banditism, corruption. People complain of the same things they did while applying to the first President of Russia. Attention! And what about the epochs change?

P.S. Now, in the city of Vladivostok, another poster could be seen: “Putin is the power of Russia!” Sergei Cherednichenko

Special to PRAVDA.Ru Vladivostok

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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