World's best Topol-M missile complexes on combat duty in Russia for five years already

Monday will mark the fifth anniversary of putting the Topol-M ICBM missile complexes on combat duty in the Strategic Missile Forces. They were placed in the Saratov Region.

The SS-27 Topol-M were equipped with the advanced electronic systems which allow for breaking through the air-defence of the enemy, detecting the target and destroying it. Today the Topol-M complexes score over the similar foreign strategic systems in terms of the most rapid deployment for combat action and its effectiveness.

The Russian troops are still being equipped with such complexes, and designers of defence enterprises are designing missile complexes of a new generation.

While addressing the servicemen of the Strategic Missile Forces on December 17, 2002 - the 43rd anniversary of the corps - Supreme Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant-General Nikolai Solovtsov said that another regiment equipped with the Topol-M missile complexes will be put on combat duty next year. It will be placed in the garrison of Tatishchevo, Saratov region.

Solovtsov added that the Strategic Missile Forces meets the terms set by the Russian Security Council on the planned putting of such regiments on combat duty.

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