Will Kim Jong-il Sue Bush?

North Korea demands compensation of “material and psychological damage” for “Sosan”
North Korean authorities obviously won’t consign to oblivion the incident connected with the interception of the “Sosan” ship in the Bay of Aden when it transported Scud-type missiles to Yemen. Yesterday all Korean newspapers published the demand of the North Korea authorities addressed to the USA for compensation of “material and psychological damage.”

According to the newspapers, captain of the ship reported that Sosan had been fired during the interception. Besides, after Americans inspected Sosan, the crew found that their money and precious items were gone. However, Koreans were quick to answer back. At the time when Americans accuse Koreans of illegal proliferation of missile technologies and secret development of nuclear weapons, Pyongyang operates simpler: it accuses American servicemen of plundering. Its cheap but good. This at the same time, it doesn’t mean at all that Americans will immediately allow all claims of North Korea and cover all the alleged damages. But at the same time, Washington is unlikely to aggravate the conflict with Pyongyang, as it has got already lots of problems. In fact, this is the reason why “Sosan” was set free; at that, all the intercepted missiles remained on board the ship. And this was done despite the fact that the addressee of the cargo wasn’t identified: it’s not clear whether the missiles were delivered to Yemen or some other country. It is not ruled that further transition of the North Korean Scud-missiles will be tracked. Where will they finally arrive? God knows.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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