Who Will Replace Al Gore?

Will anyone from the Democratic Party be strong enough to compete with George W. Bush?
So, Albert Gore is quitting the political game. Former vice-president of the USA and a very possible candidate to the presidential post, Al Gore said in an interview to CBS that he wouldn’t run the 2004 elections. To tell the truth, the statement is quite logical: George W. Bush is currently extremely popular, which means that Al Gore will not be so close to winning the presidency as in 2000.

At the same time, Albert Gore is still the most popular person among the Democrats. As of today, he could be the only person who would be an adequate rival to the incumbent American president. To all appearances, Al Gore doesn’t want to run for the presidential post himself, as he is still experiencing the nervous tension of the previous elections. By the way, such conduct is quite natural for a politician who won majority of votes at the elections, but still failed to take the presidential post. It is a severe blow to recover from.

It seems that the Democratic Party feels confused: first, they failed at the presidential elections, then, at the Congress elections. Democrats cannot imagine yet what they can oppose to the pressure of Republicans. However, this doesn’t mean at all that Democrats won’t put forward a candidature who can successfully run for the presidency. There are several experienced politicians in the party who can perfectly suit the role. First of all, it’s Senator Joseph Lieberman, who participated in the 2000 elections. Lieberman’s ambitions spread further beyond the senator post. But will he have enough strength to resist George W. Bush, who has already happily got used to his image of “a 100% American”?

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, 58, already declared his intention to run for the presidency in 2004; but this candidate has just few chances even inside the Democratic camp. The man is famous for his liberal views; some time ago John Kerry actively participated in the movement against the war in Vietnam (he himself was at that war when served in the US army). Kerry is also famous for his statements about probable war in Iraq; he is a staunch critic of the incumbent American administration. But in fact, majority of Americans welcome the idea of overthrowing Saddam by force, which means that Kerry’s criticism doesn’t add him any popularity in the presidential race at all.

North Caroline Senator John Edwards is another potential candidate to the presidential post from the Democratic Party. As well as his colleague John Kerry, he is skeptical about Washington’s policy concerning Iraq. By the way, many of opponents from the Republican Party consider Edwards the most dangerous rival. However, he doesn’t yet publish his intentions about participation in presidential elections and says he would make a statement on the problem after Christmas.

On the whole, Democrats have got a wide range of candidates. Will anyone of them be strong enough to compete with George W. Bush? The answer today is a definite NO.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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