Bush Funds Iran Terrorist group

President George Bush has allocated funds of around 92 million Euros for “defence spending”, namely the donation of funding to six Iraqi opposition groups. One of these, the SCIRI, is based in Iran, a country which Bush accuses of being a member of the Axis of Evil and which he accuses of supporting terrorism and seeking to produce illegal weapons.

Providing weaponry or funds to purchase weaponry to a group which openly professes to conduct a campaign of violence against the Iraqi authorities is an act of international terrorism and interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

It is acts such as these which create the monsters that from time to time come back to haunt Washington. The last such creation was the Taleban regime, which mutated from the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. If Washington continues to globe-trot, creating monsters to perpetrate the acts of violence it chooses to delegate, the end of the film is easy to predict: sooner or later Frankenstein returns to the laboratory to kill the doctor.


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