Sensation: Black Holes Guilty of All Catastrophes on Earth

Warning to military men: Do not down UFOs, your grand-grandchildren might be in them

Scientists often say that the things in the past discovered by science were just meager bits that interpreted the world in a wrong way. Those scientists who try to step aside from dogmas ask this humble question: “Maybe you are right, but is there any other explanation?”

Shells of horror

When British scientists started their tests of creating black holes in their labs in January of 2001, no one was surprised. Everyone thought that it was simply another lie. A black hole is formed after a star’s explosion. Its mass squeezes into a supermass, which does not let light pass through it. This supermass is of incredible density, which sucks in huge objects. If the Sun blows up, the solar system will be squeezed into the size of Moscow, and it will suck in huge planets, bigger that Jupiter.

Is possible to create this under lab conditions? And what for? Professor Ulf Leonhardt and a group of English physicists think that it is rather possible. The professor will not create a huge galactic black hole. He wants to make a small one, an otone. Furthermore, it was officially announced that the creation of an otone is meant to develop the theory of quantum gravity. Everyone settled down, as common people do not care about such theories.

No one sees anything unusual about a fact that can be found in a textbook of the Space Academy of the Russian Federation. The textbook contains a course for the military men of the 21st century. Here is a short summary of the course: black holes, volcanoes and otones, otones and catastrophes on Earth, and black holes and mysterious events. There is also a short paragraph in the book devoted to the invention of the otone weapons.

Academician Alexander Trofimenko wrote in one of his research works: “Fifty years of the nuclear century forced humanity to learn how to balance on the edge of a nuclear abyss. Yet, there is immense power on the Earth. It is called the black hole. A hole the size of an atom nucleus (an otone) can be more powerful than any nuclear power plant. An otone bomb would be explosion with the strength of millions of A-bombs, something like giga-death, resulting in the the death of a billion people.”

An otone mass is 40 times larger than that of an atom. When a nucleus is divided, the energy (E) is equal to the mass, multiplied by the square of the speed of light (E = mc2). If an atom’s mass is equal to one, then an otone’s mass will be equal to 1Х10-40. You can put that in the formula and compare nuclear and otone power.

When humans learn how to control otones, as they did with atoms, it will be possible to invent otone bombs and electric power plants. If this happens, then humanity will realize that there are neither people on earth nor aliens, neither dead nor alive, and neither worlds nor anti-worlds. People will realize that there is only the joint space of time.

However, the otone era is not going to begin soon. Most likely, it will start in 50 to 60 years.

For the time being, scientists do not hurry to distinguish between the notions of otones and black holes. Yet, it would be more convenient to separate the two notions, to make them more understandable. So, a black hole is a large anti-world. An otone is a tiny part of it, something like an atom of an anti-world. Einstein was the first man who spoke about the possible existence of black holes, and the notion of a black hole was introduced by Soviet scientist Mikhail Shirokov. The notion of an otone appeared in 1971 in the Soviet Union as well.

It should be also said here that everything positive is balanced with negative and vice versa. There are men and women, atoms and otons, worlds and anti-worlds. If there is the possibility to falling into a black hole, there should also be the possibility of falling into a white hole in the anti-universe. As it turns out, it is possible to travel to a galaxy two or three million light years far from Earth. One could fly into the nearest black hole. It would take five years for a spaceship to fly to the black hole of Gades at the speed of light. If mankind learns the properties of black holes, it will be possible for cosmonauts to use them for transportation. Humans could reach the Constellation of Lyre (2,100 light years) or the Andromeda Nebula (2.2 million light years). Black holes could be used for reaching our Solar system as well. For example, people could use this form of “transit” to reach planet Earth a million years B.C. or a million years later. In this connection, we would like to warn military men not to down UFOs: it could be that they are not aliens at all, but our descendents.

By the way, UFOs only look like disks, and this is a visual illusion. A hole is nothing that is surrounded by something. Black holes do not let light pass through them, and their outlines are visible only from above and from a side; they look like disks. When a UFO is hanging motionless in the sky, this is also an illusion. We just see the moment when an “alien” spaceship is flying out of a time and space hole. This moment can last forever to our primative cameras.

The crematorium of immortality

Talking about space holes has a tinge of romance to it. Yet, black holes smallest “relatives” on Earth can promise only trouble for the humanity. A young man was burnt in an elevator of an apartment building in the city of Minsk, Belarus, in January of 1999. The man died, but the elevator’s walls and ceiling remained untouched. Another incident of spontaneous ignition happened at a Bombay marketplace in the summer of the year 2002. Such weird incidents have been registered in Russia as well. Three burnt corpses were found in an apartment building in Moscow on July 19, 1994. The fire did not destroy either the furniture or the floor. Yury Mamayev died on November 11th, 1990. His body was burnt, whereas his clothes were intact. Three incidents of spontaneous combustion were registered in the United States over the year 1990; two such incidents were reported in England and in the Czech republic, while five incidents have been reported in China and in India. Statistics shows that up to twenty people die due to clothes were intact. Three incidents of spontaneous combustion each year.

Doctors cannot explain each such tenth death. “Deceased due to old age of 60 years,” “Deceased due to a sunstroke” while being in the shade. Everyone has heard of such medical conclusions. As a matter of fact, these people died due to an otone. The otone had enough energy to cause a fire inside of the human body.

There is nothing about the spontaneous combustion people. Ancient Greek philosophers, as well as medieval monks, studied this subject. Nowadays, the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion is kept secret, and there is hardly any information on the subject

There is also the theory that every human being has otones inside of him. When an outer otone “bombs” a personal otone, a thermal blast occurs. The blast does not evolve the power, but absorbs it, which causes the “internal-combustion flame.”

Lets try to tie science and esoterics. Is the otone the human soul? It stands the reason that we are all made of molecules and atoms. We die, and they dissociate. What is left? Is it something that flies up into the sky? A soul? No one has ever seen a soul, but no one has ever seen an otone either. Does this soul/otone keep the memory of the person’s past? Buddhism says that each human being is born again after he or she dies. Does he ever die? If yes, how does it happen? It seems that spontaneous combustion is the final death of a human being.

The energy of the underground

Another eruption of the Etna Volcano started very unexpectedly. No one ever thought that the giant mountain would roar again, just one year after it settled down. The eruptions of other 500 volcanoes on the planet cannot be predicted. People scorn volcanists all the time for that reason. Volcanists, as well as geologists, still do not understand really why volcanoes exist at all. Why does this energy and heat accumulate in one spot, contrary to physical laws?

The eruption of Krakatau Volcano was extremely disastrous. The power of the blast (it happened on August 27th, 1883) was 30 thousand times as powerful as an A-bomb explosion. The volcano killed all the people of the Indonesian archipelago. Every living being died within a radius of 20 kilometers. Tsunami destroyed all those regions completely. The eruption stopped on February 20th, 1884. Chicago and Paris residents could see a blue Sun and green Moon because of the volcanic ash.

It was proved in the 20th century that the eruption of Santorin Volcano in the year 1400 (the volcano is located between Greece and Crete) was more powerful than the one of Krakatau. The Biblical story about the Egyptian darkness was the story about the Santorin Volcano’s eruption. Darkness reigned in Egypt for three days: people could not see each other, and no one could go out. Santorin destroyed Atlantis; it wiped a whole civilization off the face of the planet.

Where does this energy come from? Some scientists keep saying that a half of the sun’s energy comes from the back hole inside it. Physicists realized this long ago: it is not only nuclear power that reigns on the sun. Every planet has black holes inside of it. Otone reactions assist in the development of the universe and of planets. Otone reactions gave birth to our life. The otones’ positive role is balanced with a lot of mysteries and troubles for the humanity. One the one hand, we see the result of the underground otone activities – volcanoes. On the other hand, we do not connect anomalous areas with the underground power.

The Bermuda Triangle is not the only place on Earth where people, planes, and ships mysteriously disappear. Thousands of people mysteriously die all over the world. One hundred and eight people vanished in July of 1950 in the Black Bamboo Cave in China. A group of geologists disappeared in April of 1962. Everyone believed that the people died due to poisonous plants or their exhalations. However, there was nothing like that found, whereas the people were still missing.

The Devil Swamp in the town of Soligorsk, Belarus, is remarkable for its killing ability. The swamp kills not only those people who step into the mire but also those who dare to approach the swamp at a distance of hundreds of meters. The swamp attracts a person like a magnet, like a black hole.

There is also the Mountain of the Dead in the North Ural region of Russia. Nine students of an Ural technical school fell its victims in 1959. The skin of their dead bodies had a red tint to it. Dissection revealed internal damages and hemorrhage. Western media even believed that the USSR tested a vacuum bomb. The Mountain of the Dead kills people every three of four years, and all of them have similar wounds.

Then there is the Valley of Green Death in China. A compass goes crazy there, and people disappear, even experienced ginseng hunters. Plane crashes are quite regular above the Valley of Green Death.

There are other less dangerous, but still mysterious, places in the world. For example, cobblestones roll up the mountain of Zhaman Boldy on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, and rocks move up the Flame Hill in Romania. Modern science is incapable of answering this question - “why?”

Ominous airshow

A UFO was seen in the sky above the town of Albany, New York. A Fox News cameraman managed to film the flying disk; the footage was broadcast all over the world. The flying object looked like a thick arrow with four white bulges on its sides. It was moving at a very fast speed, without reflecting the light. Radar systems did not show anything, so all experts believed that it was a spaceship of an alien civilization. The FBI evinced its interest in the tape and NASA officials did not allow a commotion to happen.

However, there was a controversy around the disastrous airshow that happened in Ukraine on July 27th, 2002. A Su 27 crashed onto spectators, killing 83 people. There were seven theories to explain the tragedy. None of them were proved. The pilots were experienced, the planes were in order, and the plane’s pilot did not make any mistakes. Yet, the governmental committee refused to analyze the tape that showed something luminous running into the plane from the ground. It looked like someone shot at the plane with a flare pistol.

A Boeing 747 blew up on July 17th, 1997 in the sky above Long Island. About 50 eyewitnesses said that they saw a luminous line reaching the plane out before it exploded. A camera filmed the crash of the American Stelth plane during an airshow on September 14th, 1997. Everything was the same: a luminous line reaches the plane, the plane shakes and then blows up.

There are many Russian and NASA scientists who say that many mysterious air crashes take place because of otones. The plane that carried Yury Gagarin (the first man in space) on board, crashed on March 27, 1968. The real reason for the crash has never been officially announced. Most likely, Yury Gagarin’s plane was “downed” with an otone.

The fallen sun

A luminous line of incredible size, a powerful blast, and nothing to trace an object that allegedly fell down on planet Earth in Siberia. This is the gist of the story with the Tunguska meteorite. This is one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. People have been studying this miracle for decades already. Yet, there is the impression that no one cares about the simplest question: where is at least a single piece of that meteorite, if it was a meteorite?

A huge fire ball covered the sun on June 30th, 1908 at 7:17 a.m. Siberian time. A bit later, West Siberia was shocked with a horrible roar. The blast wave could be felt on the British Isles. Night was gone for three days for the people of China, Japan and Mongolia. Green and pink lights were coming through thick clouds anyway.

The first version regarding a black hole in the Tunguska region appeared in Nature magazine in 1973. Nowadays, this version is the major one to explain the strange event that happened there. It is obvious now that the people of Siberia could watch an extremely unique phenomenon: the fall and the explosion of a black hole on Earth.

Unfortunately, there are enough Earth otones to cause a great number of troubles to people. Otones create gravity fields, which cause twisters and tsunamis, land slides, and monstrous floods. The majority of those problems are awful. Yet, funny things occur at times too.

As it is well known, twisters can raise large objects in the air and carry them for a large distance. Sometimes, a twister can carry an object for several months in a row. The Biblical story about the manna from heaven is rather similar to what happened in Spain in 1804. Wheat started falling down on the ground from the sky. A twister destroyed wheat barns in Morocco a month before.

Fish raining down has already become regular in India and Australia. Local newspapers do not show any interest in the events connected with fish from heaven, and nobody is surprised about this.

The trajectory of death

Academician Yakov Zeldovich once said: “Everything that cannot be explained is caused by black holes.” No one knows if it was a joke or a serious statement. Anyway, otones keep causing trouble.

A huge tragedy took place on April 26th 1986 in Chernobyl. There was something luminous above the nuclear power plant, abd then there was and underground roar and a little earthquake. The specific character of the explosion of the fourth power-generating unit of the plant prove that the Chernobyl tragedy was caused by an otone that rushed out of the Earth.

Most likely, an otone destroyed a high-speed train that was designed by German engineers. The train was heading to Hamburg on June 3, 1998 at the speed of 220 kilometers per hour. The first three cars rushed under a bridge, but the fourth car of the train suddenly went up and slammed into it. A hundred people were killed, over 300 people were wounded. The Germans did not find out what made the fourth car jump up. What made Princess Diana’s car slam into an underground tunnel prop in Paris? Some eye-witnesses say that they saw a flashlight in the tunnel a second before the accident happened. They say that Lady Diana’s last word was “fire.”

Probably, the energy of black holes will open up incredible perspectives for humanity in the future, when people learn how to use this power. For the time being, we are getting closer to an otone Apocalypse.

Aleksey Perfilyev Especially for PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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