Argentina Leads Latin American Dislike of USA

According to investigations carried out by the PEW Research Center, dislike of the USA has risn in Latin American countries as well as in Middle Eastern nations. Around 73% of Argentineans expressed aversion to US foreign policy. These figures place them very close to Pakistan, where hate of America reaches 81%.

The report states that "U.S. global influence is simultaneously embraced and rejected by the world. America is nearly universally admired for its technological achievements, and people in most countries say they enjoy American movies, music, and television programs. However, in general, the spread of U.S. ideas and customs is disliked by majorities in almost every country included in this survey. This sentiment is even prevalent in friendly nations, such as Canada (54%) and Britain (50%), and even more so in countries where America is broadly disliked."

Latin Americans present a very mixed picture. Mexicans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans, in general, do not share the same kind of hate for America that people in South America do. These positive assessments are notable given the large percentage of people in Mexico and the two Central American countries who say there have been times in the past year when they have been unable to afford food, health care, or clothing.

Argentines are at the opposite end of the attitude spectrum. Most feel their lives have gotten worse in recent years, and few express optimism about a better future. Brazilians rate their lives at present in about the same way as Argentines, but more expect progress in the future.

Much of Argentinean dislike of the USA is related to IMF attitude towards the country during the endless negotiations. Argentineans do not see any difference between the International Monetary Fund and the US Government, and they underestimate the European role in the organization.

The PEW global attitudes survey interviewed more than 38,000 people in 44 nations between July and October 2002.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina

Photo: James Walsh, US Ambassador to Buenos Aires.

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