Uganda: Reward Offered for the Capture of God

The Lord’s Resistance Army is ruled by a man called Joseph Kony, a modern-day Pol Pot, who kidnaps children and forces them to fight the Ugandan government forces and takes nuns from convents and turns them into sex slaves. The Ugandan Army is now being offered a 16,000 Euro bounty for the capture of this man who is worshipped as a God by his followers.

Kony and his murderous band of criminals operates from southern Sudan, striking deep into Uganda. His activities have caused the internal displacement of one and a half million persons. Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army has a peculiar set of rules. Based on the Ten Commandments, one of which is Thou shalt not kill, he then forces new members to murder family members to prove their loyalty and commitment to him. Kony basks in the adoration of his followers, claiming to have visitations from the Holy Ghost.

The Ugandan government has signed a treaty with the Sudanese government which will allow the Ugandan army to cross the border to try to flush Kony out of his hideout before he can murder many more innocent victims. In the past two months, 4,000 people have disappeared during raids by his followers, who wear crucifixes and other religious insignia, which Kony tells them will protect them from bullets.

Kony has perpetrated horrific acts of torture, beating people to death with rifle butts, cutting people to pieces with machetes and boiling people alive before forcing the close relatives to eat the bodies. He intends to overthrow the Ugandan government and install his regime in Kampala, setting up a theocracy based on the Ten Commandments.

On the photo: Rebel Leader Joseph Kony


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