USA Convinced That Iraq has WMD

The White House has declared that although the UNMOVIC inspection team has found nothing in Iraq, this does not mean that the regime in Baghdad has not hidden the weapons.

White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer declared on Thursday that “President Bush and the administration would not have declared that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction if it were not true and if there was no evidence”.

It would appear propitious to examine these statements and what is behind them and upon examination, the pretexts are frighteningly clear: the US administration is by nature an expansionist one and has set its goals on domination of the world by whatever means it deems necessary.

Stage one was to extend the frontiers of NATO to the very borders of Russia, a useless and futile exercise aimed at controlling the economies of the new member states more than posing any real threat to the Russian Federation, which has enough weaponry to respond in kind, if necessary. Stage two was to tap the mineral resources of central Asia, through Afghanistan.

September 11th provided the perfect excuse for a military mission to oust the last barrier between these vast resources and US vessels moored in Pakistan. The gas pipeline, which Mohammed Omar had prohibited back in the nineties after refusing to accept billion-dollar bribes from US energy companies, which now have a 70% stake in the mineral resources in the area, is now being planned and is set to take the gas reserves of Turkmenistan southwards.

Stage Three is of course the Middle East. If a puppet regime can be installed in Baghdad and the country’s oil reserves can be controlled, entities friendly to Washington will control the oil market and the price of the world’s energy resources, fully and unequivocally.

The days of imperialism are long gone, yet the callous disrespect for sovereign states is blatantly obvious. What Washington is trying to achieve goes against the grain of modern diplomacy and makes a mockery not only of the United Nations Organisation, but of the international community as a whole.


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