Bush Prepares to Attack Iraq

The Bush administration is clearly preparing for an attack on Iraq, whether or not the UNMOVIC team find any WMD and irrespective of the fact that the Iraqis are following the conditions of Security Council Resolution 1441 or not. Convinced that the team would find scores of chemical and biological weapons, the tone of Washington’s declarations reaches the hysterical now that it becomes obvious that Saddam Hussein was telling the truth all along.

While Kofi Annan praises the Iraqis for the collaboration they have given his UNMOVIC inspection team, and while he reiterates the3 satisfaction of this team that the Iraqis are providing everything they are asked for, he refuses to comment on the statement of George W. Bush, who declared that the Iraqi response to the weapons inspectors was “not encouraging”.

President Bush went even further, claiming that he would not consider the fact that the UNMOVIC team did not discover WMD as proof that they did not exist, a flagrant disregard and disrespect for the institution of the United Nations Organization and the capacities of its inspectors, who after all have only begun their inspection.

Meanwhile, Iraq has declared that it will provide a list of its armament on Saturday, one day before the UN Security Council deadline but Baghdad repeats that Iraq does not have any WMD and for this reason, they will not appear on the list.

If Iraq has declared it does not have WMD and the UN inspectors do not find any, how can the USA justify a war against Iraq, to install a puppet regime in the Gulf and to control the country’s vast oil resources? In the language of George Bush, it is easy. “Not encouraging” says all.

“Not encouraging” is indeed a strange statement to make. It is acceptable to not see evidence which exists but to see something which clearly does not exist, is more worrying. In the land where the insane outnumber the sane, those who are mad become sane and the sane become mad.

Such is the world advocated by George W. Bush and his evil team of collaborators at the White House, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency.


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