Russian Prodigy Boy from the Constellation of Virgo

Dmitry Norkin from Vladivostok should be listed in the Guinness Book

This article was written on account of another small story that was published in the newspaper Trud. The story was devoted to a man from the town of Ndola in Zimbabwe. Richard Kun had a unique ability to figure out a week day of any event that ever happened. Richard remarkable abilities were noticed by British scientists during a technical exhibition show in Ndola. The scientists recommended to include Richard on the Guinness Book.

This Zimbabwean man pales in comparison with a 19-year-old Russian guy, who lives in the city of Vladivostok. A lot of Russian journalist and scientists know about that young man. The guy’s name is Dmitry. He is a miracle of nature. Like every miracle, he is weird, from the point of you of the so-called common people.

One upon a time, when Dmitry was only five years old, he was riding his bicycle pass his parents, when they were discussing the days of their vacation. Dmitry heard his dad saying “Saturday, the 15th.” Dmitry quickly said that the 15th was not Saturday, but Friday. The parents asked him, how he knew about that. Soon they discovered that their little son could give a week day of any event. Dmitry could play that game in another way. For example, the boy could give months and years to any date immediately. Dmitry has had so many meetings with so many people. His parents particularly introduced him to Russian famous astrologers Pavel and Tamara Globa, who predicted fabulous future to him.

Dmitry has never studied to a normal school. First of all, he could not go to school on account of his weak health. Secondly, he could not sit quiet in a classroom, if a class was not interesting to him. He would just stand up and leave. As a matter of fact, there was nothing interesting for him to learn at elementary school. When his parents brought him to the first grade, he startled teachers with questions that they could not really asnwer. For example, he asked one of his teachers about the exact number of territories and regions in Russia.

Dmitry’s parents had to educate their wonder-kid themselves. Yet, it seems that the boy does not need the education that all other people have. Dmitry learns everything from his environment. More importantly, he learns it once and forever.

Dmitry recalled some bright events of the past. One of them was a funny story that happened with his teacher.

“The story happened in 1992. I was doing a math sum. It was not an easy one, there was multiplication, deduction and subtraction. I just did everything at once and had a zero. The teacher did not like that. He wanted me to analyze my every move about that sum in written form. He just grabbed his case and left. I never saw him again.

- What do you think of yourself?

- I think that I am a decent person, I neither drink nor smoke. My major character trait is tranquility. Sometimes I can be aggressive as well. As a matter of fact, I have all four kinds of temper in me. I think I am a person, who is adapted to anything. I can cook, I can cut hair, I can use a hammer. I am ready to live alone.

- What do you think is the best work to characterize you?

- People say I am a phenomenon, a professor. I am pleased to hear that.

- Is there anything that you don’t like?

- I hate it when people use dirty language. If I want to talk to people and hear bad words used in their speech, I feel really bad about it. Sometimes I feel like beating that person up.

- Do you feel bored with yourself sometimes?

- Sometimes I imagine a house, an apartment, a family, their relations, characters, habits, and so on. Sometimes this is a fantasy of mine, sometimes I think of real people. This helps me to get away from my loneliness.

- What problems do you have?

- I do not know, which school to go. I would like to enroll a department of journalism.

- How do you see your future?

- I will finish my studies and work in accordance with my profile of education. I will do what is interesting for me to do.

- What is your dream?

- I dream to go somewhere abroad, to Sweden, for example. It is very cold there in winter and very nice in summer.

- What is the main thing that a human should have for success?

- One has to be believe his or her abilities.

- Are you confident of yourself?

- Absolutely.

- Do you know where you come from? I come from the constellation of Virgo. It protects me.

Photo by A.Voronina

Lyudmila Rumyantseva Daily News Vladivostok


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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