Vladimir Putin warns against hasty decisions on invalid organisations

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has called on the government not to adopt "sweeping" decisions on public associations and organisations of disabled people.

On Thursday, the Russian leader held a Kremlin meeting with spokesmen for invalid organisations. Aleksandr Neumyvakin, President of the Russian Society of the Blind, for one, pointed to the fact that the production facilities, which employ sight-challenged people, are subject to the tax scheme similar to that of other enterprises, whereas the productivity of the former is by 25% lower.

The above enterprises employ normally seeing people as well, they are generally technicians maintaining the machines, the president argued away. He, however, admitted that the government must be aware of the consequences its decisions may have and have not to adopt "sweeping" decisions in relation to invalid organisations.

The president pointed to the finance ministry's apprehensions concerning invalid organisations, qualifying them as only natural. The ministry meant to deter dishonest people from using an invalid organisation status for dealings unrelated to the blind's activities, said President Putin.

It is the third time the president has met spokesmen of the community of blind people. "Our joint work has yielded certain practical results," said Vladimir Putin. He pointed to improvement of professional education and retraining of disabled people, introduction of new teaching methods. Some of Russia's regions boast Internet centres for training invalids. Latter day technologies, satellite communication in part, are used in the effort, noted the president.

The head of state praised higher quality of psychological aid to the disabled. Government funds on the psychological rehabilitation effort have been increased three fold. President Putin was hopeful the money would reach the people who need it so much.

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