Americans: Beware of Your Arab Allies

The Kuwaiti population is becoming seriously irritated with the growing American invasion of their country
Even the Arab nations that don’t openly hate the Americans pose a threat to the USA. This is the conclusion reached by the USA after the series of attacks in Kuwait and other countries of the Arab region.

American engineer Felix Reinberg, who has spent 11 years working in Kuwait, said in an interview to AP that people in Kuwait have never targeted Americans or Westerners. The Kuwait authorities, eager to maintain good relations with Washington, made haste to report that the shooting of two American soldiers was performed by a single, mentally ill man. They said that the incident wasn’t a reflection of broad anti-American feelings in the country. Suspected of the crime, Khaled al-Shimmiri says he hates Americans and Jews.

However, the government reports that this is not a general view of the Kuwait people. This is highly likely the truth, as there are just few people in Kuwait who demand that American troops be withdrawn from their country. They want the troops to remain just in case, as Iraq is very close. However, the local population is becoming irritated with the growing number of Americans in the country

It is not ruled out that more incidents of this kind will occur in the future, Abdullah Sahar, a political scientist at Kuwait University says. “Kuwait is a small country, and Americans are everywhere: you go to the markets, you see Americans, you walk on the streets, and you see Americans, and probably your neighbors are Americans as well.” When Saddam Hussein’s army was driven out of the country, thousands of Americans came to work; there are over 10,000 American soldiers currently stationed in Kuwait.

Kuwait is probably the world’s most loyal country towards American, which means that the changing of the people’s attitudes is a serious problem. Abdul-Razzak al-Shayegi, an Islamic law scholar, says that the presence of the US troops in Kuwait is essential because of Hussein. At the same time, the AP quotes him as saying: ``But how can I want America to be in Kuwait and shut my mouth about what they are doing in Israel? ... How can I give America our land to attack Iraq?''

The situation isn’t any better in other countries as well, in the so-called “security islands” for Americans in the Middle East. After the killing of the diplomat Laurence Fouley in October, the US State Department ordered to evacuate a nonessential part of the US Embassy in Jordan. Last Saturday, the Peace Corps announced that it suspended its operations in the Arab kingdom. In Jordan, like in Kuwait, there are no open anti-American feelings; however, the wave of anger toward Americans is also increasing in this country. And the more bellicose the White House is against Iraq, the fewer security islands remain in the Arab world for Americans.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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