Bermudas Over the Baltic Sea

According to scientists, the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle appears in the Baltic Sea as well
Early morning, August 23, 1979, two fishing boats left the port of Hel in Gdansk for a fishing zone situated 70 kilometers offshore, near the boundary of Soviet territorial waters. Two Soviet trawlers already reached the area, and a merchant vessel was some distance from them.

The fishing started. Suddenly, several red balls appeared in the sky right above them. Although one of the fishing boats performed a zigzagged move by the order of its captain, one of the red balls repeated all the maneuvers of the boat; at that, the ball always remained ahead of it and exactly before the rostrum. Soon, members of the crew were gripped with unexplainable fear, and they had headaches and nausea; it was difficult to breath. Simultaneously, all electrical appliances on the fishing boat stopped functioning.

All of a sudden, after numerous changes of the boat’s course, the red ball soared upwards and disappeared. At that very moment, the electrical appliances started operating. Both fishing boats veered and headed for the port of Hel. Members of the crew were immediately examined by doctors of the naval base; however, the doctors found only nervous disorders and exhaustion. A Polish military newspaper reported on March 5, 1992 that a diabolic triangle appeared in the Baltic Sea. This was said to be the reason for a mysterious fishing boat wreck. The tragedy occurred under clear and windless weather conditions. The boat and all the appliances on it were in good shape, but when the fishing was over, the boat drifted. The crew was taking the fish out of the fishing net. Suddenly, without any visible reason, the boat almost flipped over. The motorist rushed to the engine room to start the engine. However, it was too late: the boat flipped over and went down. Seven members of the eight-man crew remained alive, but the brave motorist died.

One of Poland’s leading UFO experts, Robert Lesnjakewic, thinks that UFOs have a connection with similar tragedies in the Baltic Sea (as well as in the Bermuda triangle). The tragedies probably developed the following way: a UFO hovers over a boat; it emits its energy, which paralyzes the boat’s crew and puts all technical appliances out of operation. The ufologist thinks that one of the following variants may occur:

- the boat is carried into the time-space dimension of some other world;

- the boat is carried away to some other planet or to an internal underground world of the planet (this is in accordance with the hypothesis saying on the existence of the city states of Agarta and Shambala underground);

- UFO pilots take people from the boat and sink the boat itself;

- UFO pilots take the crew off the boat and don’t touch the boat itself; the latter turns into a Flying Dutchman drifting without any visible damage.

Thirteen days after the UFO appeared over the fishing boats, on September 5, 1972 to be more exact, a glowing red ball appeared over an ambulance car on the coast of the Gdansk bay early in the morning. Four doctors in the ambulance and two pedestrians observed the red ball. However, it didn’t cause harm to the people.

Krestyanin newspaper Rostov-on-Don

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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