Shhh! American Prisoners Being Held in Afghanistan

The USA is willing to exchange Guantanamo prisoners for missing soldiers

Guerrillas have captured five more American soldiers in Afghanistan. This is an extension to the list of 40 American soldiers who have been missing for more than a year now. This information was published in the Pakistani newspaper Frontier Post, with reference to Afghani resources.

The above-mentioned newspaper did not inform where and when the five American soldiers disappeared. The newspaper reported that the group of soldiers that disappeared in late September of the year 2001, consisted of commandos, Afghan interpreters, and guides. The group was conducting a secret operation against the Taliban and Al-Qaida, somewhere deep in Afghanistan.

Despite search operations with the use of up-to-date technology, including satellites and huge bribes for Afghan commanders, it was not possible to find any traces of the missing military men. American efforts to conduct negotiations regarding a possible exchange of Guantanamo captives yielded no results either.

The information from the newspaper Frontier Post concerning the exchange of American soldiers for prisoners held on the Guantanamo base was indirectly confirmed with another piece of information. The Americans released four prisoners (three Afghanis and one Pakistani national) at the end of October. It was a big surprise for everyone. The official wording of the release was as follows: the prisoners no longer posed any threat.

In addition, a piece of news arrived from Pakistan today, which is not likely to be good news for the Americans. The leaders of an alliance of six religious parties of Pakistan intend to prohibit further operations in search of Al-Qaida terrorists in the north-west border province of the country. The alliance intends to prohibit any operations with the participation of American CIA agents. Furthermore, the religious parties want to stop the use of Pakistani airbases by foreigners to launch military operations in Afghanistan.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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