Zakayev Must Share Khasarov’s Fate!

The Copenhagen police are going to ask for an extension of Chechen emissary Ahmed Zakayev’s custody
RIA Novosti informs that this statement was made by Prosecutor Mikael Jargensen, who is in charge of Zakayev’s case. According to Jargensen, a decision taken by Judge Lisbeth Christensen on the problem will be announced later, only after today’s court hearing.

Aide to the RF president Sergey Yastrzhembsky has no definite information yet as to whether Ahmed Zakayev will be extradited to Russia or not. He also hopes to obtain more information only after today’s session of the Danish court.

The period of Zakayev’s custody expires today, November 26. Maskhadov’s official emissary was detained in Denmark on October 30 on the basis of evidence presented by the Russian authorities proving Zakayev’s connection with terrorist activity.

While Ahmed Zakayev is waiting for the decision of the Danish authorities, who show excessive tolerance toward him, the trial of one of the ex-leaders of the Ichkeria special services, Khamzat Khasarov, started in the Russian city of Volgograd. The man is accused of murder and embezzlement.

In July 1993, a raging Khamzat Khasarov opened fire in the center of Volgograd, as a result of which three innocent people were killed and three more were wounded. Then, as law enforcement authorities inform, Khasarov took refuge in Chechnya. Under Dudayev, he was at head of a Cobra group of about 70 guerrillas; under Maskhadov, the terrorist was deputy head of the secret service of the so-called Ichkeria’s National Security Department. Khamzat Khasarov was detained at the end of December 2001 in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, during a joint operation of the Russian and Ukrainian military structures; then, he was extradited to Russia. Now, the extremist is to stand a trial that is inevitable for him.

Let’s get back to the increasing tension in Russian-Denmark relations. The Danish industrial group Danfoss has suspended its operations in Russia. The Danish company was offended when its goods were detained by the Russian customs for a long period. Russian radio Echo Moskvy informs that the Danish press explains this fact with “the complications in the Russian-Dannish relations,” which arose after the so-called Chechen congress in Copenhagen and the hesitation of the Danish authorities to extradite terrorist Ahmed Zakayev. The industrial group Danfoss issued a press-release to inform that Danish businessmen have to face challenges of different kinds in Russia, getting visas and detention of goods for instance.

Well, Russia has also to face some kind of a challenge when Danish authorities refuse to extradite Zakayev and openly host a bandit nest of Chechen terrorists.

As was already reported, yet another Chechen terrorist congress opened in Copenhagen on November 22. This congress was organized with the assistance of several Danish law-makers and organizers of the so-called World Chechen Congress. All of these terrorists seem to feel rather comfortable in Copenhagen, and Denmark doesn’t seem to be troubled with this fact at all.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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