NATO: Seven More Join the Gang

The NATO summit in Prague which takes place today and tomorrow is expected to see seven of the nine candidates accepted as members of the organisation. This expansion is in part motivated by the greed of the new members who wrongly consider that membership will be a ticket to instant riches but it is also not devoid of political manoeuvring.

The seven new members are expected to be Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria, with Albania and Macedonia being left out this time because they have not equipped their armed forces adequately to harmonise with the remaining member states. If these states believe that membership of the club will bring instant ruches, they are wholly mistaken.

What they will find is a covert colonisation policy undertaken by the USA which begins with the remote control of their armed forces while the tentacles of the octopus begin to take an inexorable grip around the other institutions. Financial interference and later dependence follow suit, consulting companies based in the USA then infiltrate the corporate fibre of the new member and before long, there will be demands for military intervention in NATO’s manic and dubious schemes, the last of which was the illegal attack on Yugoslavia, in which war crimes were committed.

Portugal knows only too well what reluctance to participate can cause. Lisbon was never convinced about the Gulf War and the Portuguese support for the attack was lukewarm. Washington took a decade to forgive and forget and politicians in Portugal complained during the nineties that their country was being penalised.

There are also those hawks in the Pentagon who consider that to press the borders of NATO on to the borders of Russia herself, is pressing home what they perceive ridiculously and wrongly as a victory over the Warsaw Pact. The notion is absurd, the more so because victory could only ever come through military confrontation which did not happen due to the pacific nature of the then Soviet Union. The belligerent side, the aggressors, continue to show their true mettle today, through bullying instead of diplomacy, the howling for war being yet again tempered by the common sense approach of Vladimir Putin’s Moscow.

The main reason, however, which is patently obvious to those who know how to read the book of US current affairs, is to find a raison d’etre for an organisation which is in its very essence an anachronism. Formed in 1949, the original members of NATO were the USA, the UK, Canada, Belgium, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg. Greece and Turkey joined in 1952 and Germany, three years later. Spain was added in 1982 and in 1999, the latest members were Hungary, Poland and the hosts of today’s summit, the Czech Republic. Ostensibly formed as a counter-measure to what was wrongly perceived as a military threat from the Soviet Union, NATO belongs to a time which has long since gone.

NATO is a remnant of the Cold War. It is an anachronism with no valid reason to exist because the action to which is it a reaction, albeit misguided, has disappeared. NATO, being a military organisation, needs an enemy to defend itself against, only...there isn’t one. The only reason why NATO exists is to create fresh markets for the USA to sell its military hardware to. This, evidently, always belongs to a previous generation while the companies which surround the White House and which are the mainstay of the political and economic fabric of the country, develop new systems to try out on the weakest possible victim that can be found. Imagining Moldavia was Serbia, and imagining that this country had a problem with terrorist insurgents and tried to address the problem, as Slobodan Milosevic rightly and patriotically did, how would Bucharest feel if the USA ordered its armed forces, as members of NATO, to condone mass bombings of civilian targets in Chisinau with Depleted Uranium?

The question is a rhetorical one but nevertheless illustrates the point. NATO is a farce. NATO is a mafia, evidence that great deals of money are moved in the business of drugs and weapons. The new member states are not signing up for membership of an elite. They are the victims of tomorrow, clowns in the circus called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.


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