Upward trend may be formed on Russian stock market this year

Today's dynamics of the trade on the stock market is characterized by acalm situation; the market opened a bit higher today. Shares are beingbought, however, participants do not expect that share prices will befluctuating seriously today. Some investors are selling securities ofRussian companies due to the unstable situation on world markets. On theother side, analyzing sentiments of participants of the Russian stockmarket, the following conclusion can be derived: a six-month downwardtendency at the RTS and on MICEX has almost finished and operators aregetting ready to form an upward trend, experts said in an interview withRosBusinessConsulting. The macroeconomic situation in the country is apositive factor, which can promote the withdrawal of the market from thesituation caused by the strong decrease in share prices over the pastseveral months. Nevertheless, the situation on the Russian stock marketdepends on the situation on world markets. Probably, it testifies touncertainty of the market participants about long-term perspectives of theRussian market. Operators' efforts aim at holding the market within thecurrent price levels. On the other hand, share prices have reachedimportant levels of support, and it seems that investors are getting readyto turn in the opposite direction. However, the appearance of negative newsshould not be ruled out. In this event, shares may drop and the RTS indexmay fall to 300-320 points. If the situation on world markets stabilizes inthe near future, the situation on the Russian stock market will also becomepositive. In other words, an increase in share prices may start by the endof this year, and the RTS index, in this event, will jump to the levelbetween 370 and 375 points..

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