Mullah Omar sends message to America

A message faxed to Qatar based TV station Al-Jazeera on September 11th, supposedly by Mullah Omar, claims that the USA will be expelled, humiliated, from Afghanistan and that the law of the Taleban will be re-imposed triumphantly.

“With the will of God the Sharia will return to Afghanistan and the believers will rejoice in this victory. America will not rest and Afghanistan and we will not rest until America is not expelled staggering under its shame”. He added that the USA is “the advocate of international terrorism”.

Mullah Omar is believed to be hiding in the mountains north of his native city of Kandahar while Osama Bin Laden could be holed up with hundreds of other Al-Qaeda operatives in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, if indeed he remains in the area at all.

Meanwhile hundreds of American troops are being moved into eastern Afghanistan in an attempt to capture more Taleban and Al-Qaeda leaders, those who have not melted away into Afghan society, either disillusioned or more dangerously, dormant, waiting for the international community to lose its will or patience, leaving the USA alone to fight a losing battle in the inhospitable Hindu Kush (Death of Hindus).

Hamid Karzai has asked the world not to forget Afghanistan, as it remembers Iraq.


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