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Financier of 9/11 attacks arrested
Fortune has finally smiled on the US special services. One of the chief masterminds of the Sept.11 terrorist attacks, 30-year-old Ramsi Binalshibh, was arrested in Pakistan.

Binalshibh surrendered to the Pakistani police after a three-hour fight. Ten more al-Qaeda members were together with him, two of them were killed in the skirmish. According to some sources, the Yemenite is to be delivered to an American base in Afghanistan for interrogation. It is not ruled out that more important information will come up.

Probably, Binalshibh will tell how he started financing the terrorist group when the latter schemed attacks at the WTC and Pentagon. It is known that Binalshibh shared a room with the group leader, Mohammed Atta, in Hamburg. The Yemenite desired to become just another “martyr for belief”, however, the US immigration service refused visa to Binalshibh three times. That is why Binalshibh decided to become a financier.

According to German media, Binalshibh transferred money from Germany to the USA several times. Spiegel informs, the Yemenite transferred money not only to Mohammed Atta but also to Zakarias Mussaui whose case is soon to be considered at court. Mussaui needed money to pay for his training at the flight school.

After the Sept.11 attacks, Binalshibh as well as other terrorist leaders disappeared. He managed to escape from Germany. Like many other al-Qaeda leaders, he found shelter in Pakistan and even allowed an interview to al-Jazeera, Qatar’s television right on the eve of the 9/11 tragic anniversary. He told why the terrorists had given up plans to attack US nuclear power plants. He will soon have to tell the same to the US investigators.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Photo from CNN archives

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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