Duma welcomes foreign assistance in elimination of Russia's chemical weapons

At today's session the State Duma of Russia adopted an appeal to theconference of members-states of the organization for enforcing the ban onchemical weapons. In the appeal, lawmakers ask participants of theconference to grant Russia's request for extending the deadline to 2012 forthe elimination of chemical weapon stocks. Deputies remarked on theimportance of foreign assistance to Russia in the fulfillment of itsobligations to eliminate the chemical weapon stocks and gave their thanksto all participants of the convention on the elimination of chemicalweapons. The State Duma expressed regrets in connection with the delay in making thedecision on Russian requests for using the facilities that earlier producedchemical weapons for purposes permitted by the convention. It is pointedout in the document: "This situation may lead to the emergence of obstaclesto the economic development of Russia." A lack of funds and economicdifficulties may lead to Russia's failure to fulfill the obligations thatthe convention provides for within a specified term and make Russia suspendits participation in the convention, the appeal reads. 235 deputies votedfor the adoption of this document. No deputies voted against it orabstained. .

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