Serbian state television delivered Mladic and Karadzic

Anti-NATO site has been shut down

The state television of the Serbian republic started broadcasting an advertisement within the framework of the program “Reward for Justice.” This program is being implement by the US government.

Radio Jugoslavija reported that the reward that is now regularly advertised on Serbian television made up five million dollars. This money is meant for those, who renders assistance in seizing the people that are accused of war crimes.

The ad calls upon the local population to cooperate with authorities. Yet, the ad does not mention the names of the people wanted. Those, who made the advertisement, were apparently afraid of an explicit provocation. Nevertheless, the television of the Serbian republic refused to broadcast such ads before. As you can see, things have changed.

The names of the people wanted are clear. This is the ex-president of the Serbian republic Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic. These men are still free, and the States can not make up with it. However, anti-Serbian regimes in Serbia and their “aides” from Washington and Brussels are so wrong, when they think that they can keep on humiliating and demolishing Orthodox Serbia. The Serbs have not been exhausted yet. The Serbian people will give birth to new heroes, new Mladics and Karadzics will be out there to raise the land from the dark.

Sad news is coming from Kosovo too. website has been reportedly shut down. The site positioned itself as a pro-Serbian and anti-NATO webpage. The site contained the most objective information pertaining to the NATO aggression in the spring of 1999. The site documented the atrocities of Albanian guerrillas, the pictures of desecrated orthodox churches. Serbian Patriarch Pavel said that the site was the “echo of our cry, our appeal to the civilized Christian world.” There is not even an echo now.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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