Putin informs world leaders of situation in Georgia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a letter to UN Secretary GeneralKofi Annan, leaders of the permanent member states of the UN SecurityCouncil and heads of states and governments of members of the Organizationfor Security and Cooperation in Europe regarding the situation in Georgia,the Presidential press service reported. The letter states that thesuccessful process of the antiterrorist operation in Chechnya forced somegunmen to escape to Georgia, where, under the indulgence of Georgianauthorities, they feel free and comfortable and continue receivingmilitary, financial and other support from abroad.The address states that Georgia does not fulfill resolution No. 1373 of theUN Security Council, which is obligatory for every state. Under currentconditions it is necessary to make Georgia follow its obligations to theinternational community on fighting against terrorism. In this respect, incompliance with the UN Charter, Russia may have to use its right toindividual or collective self-defense, stipulated by the resolution No.1368 of the UN Security Council, which was adopted after the September 11terrorist attacks in the USA last year. These actions will not be directedagainst the sovereignty and territorial unity of the country or for apolitical regime change, the document stresses. If Georgian authorities donot take concrete actions aimed at eliminating terrorists and if banditraids from its territory continue, Russia, acting in strict accordance withinternational law, will take adequate measure on counteracting theterrorist threat, the President's letter states..

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