Expert predicts positive outlooks for Russian Eurobonds

The situation on the market of Russian Eurobonds is stable: prices arefluctuating within a narrow range, an analyst from the National Bank forDevelopment reported in an interview with RBC. He noted that prices forEurobonds had stabilized at high levels due to a positive news background -oil prices remain at a rather high level on international exchanges, andthis is economically beneficial for Russia. The expert forecasted thatprices on Russian Eurobonds would not face serious corrections because thesituation on the oil market was becoming pointed prior to the plannedmilitary action against Iraq. In other words, the dynamics of RussianEurobonds are likely to remain unchanged and this market will remain quietas long as there is no negative news coming from emerging markets. Thespecialist noted that prices for the most popular Russian Eurobonds - Euro30 - was expected to fluctuate within 71-72 points in the near future..

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