Member of Federation Council: If America Goes to War with Iraq, Russia Will Be Among Losers

Speaking at a press conference today, Ramazan Abdulatipov, a member of the Council of Federation of Russia, said 'If America goes to war with Iraq, Russia will find herself among losers'. The senator said the data he had showed that Russia had already lost USD 30 billion as the consequence of the blockade of Iraq.

'This war', Mr. Abdulatipov continued to say, 'is economic and Russia will lose because her departure from Iraq will equal her departure from the Middle East and the loss of it as an economic partner. If sanctions against Iraq are lifted, that country will have a great potential for economic growth. This is what American's can not allow because otherwise they won't be able to control oil prices any more'. The senator further said the sanctions had long become senseless and turned against the people of Iraq.

Mr. Abdulatipov maintains that 'there is no proof Iraq has anything to do with terrorism' and 'there is hardly any Arab state more civil than Iraq', while 'Iraqi regime and Iraqi people are two different things. The political regime is any state's domestic affair'.

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