Qatar: Top September 11 suspects named

The Qatar-based TV station, Al Jazeera, has released a list of the names of the main suspects behind the terrorist attack against the United States on September 11th last year.

Ramzi Ben Shiba and Jaled Sheij Mohammed are named as the coordinator of the attacks and the military chief of Al-Qaeda, it was stated on the programme “Top Secret”, which stated that “These two men have connections with Ramzi Yusef, the person accused of being responsible for the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center”.

The programme also stated that Mohammed Atta, supposedly the executive leader of the attack on September 11th, was offered 25 million USD in the 1990s to join an extremist Islamist group in Pakistan but it was not clear whether or not he accepted.

Atta’s father, interviewed on the programme along with the families of the other 19 suspects, denied that his son was involved in the attacks on September 11th, said he had never been in America and when asked where he was, he said that he had been “eliminated”. Several people who had known Atta in Hamburg, Germany, described him as “likeable, decent, generous and respectful” and that he was the antithesis of a religious extremist.

It was also claimed on the programme that the Israeli secret services knew about the attack, that “something was going to happen” on September 11th and at the World Trade Center “because they had people and cameras in the right place, although they did not know exactly what would take place”.

The programme will be broadcast by Al-Jazeera on September 12th.


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