'Holocaust' Against Slavs in Israel Continues

We have to return to the issue of the Russian-speaking population in Israel

A new law has been passed in Israel. The point of the law is as follows. If a citizen accepts assistance from the state, than this citizen can only leave the country after one year. .

This measure will directly affect immigrants from Russia. Many of them live on such state allowances. Furthermore, all dates and times of their trips will determined by Israeli officials.

Immigrants from the former Soviet Union make up the majority of recently arrived repatriates. According to information from a Jewish agency, 34 thousand repatriates came to Israel in 2002. A large number of them, 21,600 people, came from states that were part of the USSR.

These went to Israel because they were called to go there. They were promised a paradise (during war), yet they see nothing but discrimination instead.

You can wear a skull-cap, learn the Tora by heart, go to the synagogue, but you will always be an foreigner to them. So, what was the point of calling all of these people?

PRAVDA.Ru wrote has reported that a group of young Israelis (Russians by nationality) wanted to organize a Slavic union in Israel. They were refused permission. This reality is a shocking surprise for those who came to Israel from the former USSR.

These gentiles (between 250–600 thousand people) have Slavic roots, even if they came to Israel from Moldavia, Azerbaijan, or Kazakhstan. Gentiles in Israel are often subjected to various kinds of discrimination.

Russians do not have a worthy place in Israeli society. The Israelis actively prevent them from participating in politics, for example. There is not one Russian in the Israeli parliament, there is no Russian deputy mayor, nothing. No comment.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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