Revolution in Cuban education system

The Cuban education system continues to be the vanguard of its kind everywhere. In the same year that a UN report graded Cuban primary school pupils by far the best educated in the continent of America, Fidel Castro’s regime goes further and reduces class size to maximise performance, in President Castro’s words, “a unique educational revolution”.

The Cuban educational system has long been held as an example for others to follow, one which produces excellence in Cuban professionals across the field, who, if they did not have to live under the blockade imposed by the United States of America, would be able to shine even more than they do. This year, the United Nations Organisation held tests comparing pupils from several American countries. The results had to be repeated because the scores of those from Cuba were unbelievably much higher than any other country in the study. The results proved to be the same.

At a meeting to celebrate the completion of the teacher training course for 5,300 new teachers on Monday, Fidel Castro declared that “One of our objectives in our epic fight for a truly just, free and humane society” is to have an education system which provides each individual with the chance to pursue his chosen profession with excellence.

Fidel Castro called the initiative to refurbish school accommodation and construct new schools, so that the maximum class size will be 20 pupils “the most extraordinary experiment of educational and cultural development that any society has seen in history”.

It is a pity that the jealousy of the USA towards Cuba and the petty-minded interference which sees this country live under a trade blockade stifles the opportunities of those to whom the regime of Fidel Castro gives opportunities which in many cases are second to none.


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