Arafat rescues Saddam Hussein

European peacemakers decided find out for themselves

European peacemakers have left for the Middle East to reconcile the Palestinians and Israelis. Denmark, the country that chairs the European Union, is now trying to do the things that Spain failed to do. This is definitely a good wish, but is there a point just because of a change in countries? Most likely, Denmark will simply step on the rake again, like the others.

One can understand the peacemaking passion of the Danes, but their claims for the Noble Prize are groundless. Major countries have experienced the debacle of the Middle East. Yet, the Vikings’ offspring are not willing to sit on their hands. They are making their way forward, alluding to a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The EU’s peace plan of basically consists of three phases. First, it is planned to conclude a security agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis. This is supposed to be an end to the violence and terrorism. On the basis of the given agreement, Israel is supposed to gradually withdraw its troops from occupied Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian leadership published a statement in which it confirmed the existence of the state of Israel. Palestine also stated the measures that it has taken to restrain anti-Israeli provocations.

The first stage of the plan provides calls for the reform of the Palestinian government, the reform of the Palestinian justice system, as well as Palestine's economic and financial systems. These reforms are supposed to be conducted by November of the current year. International observers will come to the region during the first stage of the plan. The donor countries will have to solve the issue pertaining to the establishment of a fund to assist in Palestinian reforms and economic processes. There will also be an international conference for the settlement of the conflict.

The second and the third stages of the peace plan include arrangements that are meant for the period after the coming election in Palestine. The European Union's plan is for the Palestinian state to be pronounced and established by July of 2005.

Let’s try to get to the bottom of this. First, there is this “end of justice.” Sure, its a good idea, but it is will be extremely hard to implement. Arafat is out for himself, and separatist groups are out for themselves. In addition, the head of the Palestinian autonomy supports different goups at different times

Then, Israel is to withdraw its troops and Arafat is to acknowledge the existence of Israel. Speaking of this acknowledgement: he will do it only when he sees not one Jew on the territory of Palestine. Needless to mention that this implies the removal of all Jewish settlements. Israel will never agree to this. It will not be that easy to withdraw the troops either. What if there is another act of terrorism during the withdrawal? The army will simply withdraw.

Third, there is the issue of the reform of the Palestinian autonomy and the financial help to carry such a reform out. Israel and the USA have blocked Palestinian accounts. They will give the money when they want to. How will it be possible to negotiate with such people if the parties are already in unequal positions? In general, there is no money, the state has not been pronounced, and it will be substituted with something interim. How will the UN acknowledge an interim state?

As you can see, this is nonsense. In addition, one should not forget Saddam Hussein. His government strictly depends on the events in the Middle East. The Arab world has given a direct answer to Washington: no war against Iraq until the settlement of the Mideast crisis. Otherwise, a wave of Arab anger will smash everything, including Israel. It stands to reason that neither Washington nor Tel Aviv want this.

Therefore, Denmark is not likely to cut the Gordian knot. There are too many conflicting interests in one region of the Earth.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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