President Hussein meets envoy of Belarusian President

President Saddam Hussein received Monday personal envoy of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashinko Mr. Lyoned Kozek, who acts as Head of Syndicate Committees Union in Belarussia and Head of Belrus-Iraqi Joint Committee.

The Belarusian envoy conveyed greetings from President Lukashinko to President Hussein and the Iraqi people. The envoy conveyed a verbal letter pertaining to bilateral ties.

He expressed pleasure to meet President Saddam Hussein, and appreciated the high support offered by Iraq to Belarussia; a stance that activated all economic fields in Belarussia. He affirmed his country's supportive stand with Iraq against foreign threats and the unjust embargo.

For his part, President Hussein welcomed the guest and asked him to convey his salutes to President Lukashinko and he Belarusian people, wishing them more progress.

The president said, “Our bilateral ties with Belarussia are developing satisfactorily, and we will be more satisfied if more steps were taken relying on mutual trust.

Relations between Iraq and Bylarussia are based on mutual trust; therefore, we consider it a true relation, the president said.

The president confirmed that one of the reasons that caused the continuation of embargo is that the League of Independent States were deprived from economic cooperation with Iraq, because the Americans know the deep-rooted ties linking Iraq and the League of Independent State, and they know that Iraq works to promote such relations with them in all fields; therefore, Americans take this into consideration and prolong the embargo.

"If one wonders why there such hostility against Iraq, I will respond that the US supposes it should dominate the whole world. It supposes that using military style to dominate the entire world is ineffectual while some states possess nuclear bombs. But they think that controlling the oil in the Middle East would lead them to dominate the world as it occupies 65% of the world oil reserves. Thus, the U.S thinks that destroying Iraq will make it easy to them to control Middle East oil and will pave their way to put oil prices under their grip, distribute shares of oil among the Middle East states, impose the prices on China, Japan, France.. etc. as it likes," the president said.

His Excellency went on saying, "US possession of oil would limit developing levels for various states, on the contrary of the economy inside America which would be in a continuous circle of development. This policy would create crises among world states under U.S schemes, while such crises would be avoided inside the U.S. in this way it would dominate the world, and Europe have realized that recently," the president said.

The president elaborated that the European stand now does not come in solidarity with Iraq for legal and humanitarian reasons only but it came in defense of Europe’s interests, independence and future to face the U.S ghoul who wants to dominate oil to dominate the world and limit social and cultural development levels in every state in the world.

"Therefore, Iraq's battle is not a national or regional one, but it has a human frame in the results and spirits; therefore, confronting this battle became important for every noble patriotic person who wants independence and continuos prosperity for his country," the president concluded.

The Belarusian envoy presented a copy of the Holy Qura'n printed in Arabic and Russian languages in 1907 to President Hussein in addition to a wooden box with beautiful decorations as a gift from Belarusian children to His Excellency.

Present in the audience was Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Al-Tawwab Al-Mulla Howeish.

Iraq News Agency

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