Mormons eager to conquer Ukraine

They are striving for the construction of a temple in Kiev

An unusual religious scandal is gathering steam in Ukraine. It all started when eight Kiev Mormons travelled from Kiev to the city of Cherkassy on two minibuses. The Mormons seized the premises of the local religious community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. American missionaries of the Church in the city of Cherkassy helped them.

The leader of the Cherkassy community, Alexander Tarasyuk, said that the conflict was caused by his “excessive curiosity.” “I have been watching the Mormon Church from within as a phenomenon for five years. I have learned a lot about it; I discovered its goals and got a sense of the organization. This church de facto exists in Ukraine under the disguise of Ukrainian religious communities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yet, the Mormon Church is not officially registered in Ukraine. It has communities in Kiev and Donetsk, which are also unregistered. Their Kiev building doesn't even have a sign; it's absolutely closed. As far as the registered communities are concerned, the people who join them realize that they are associated with the Mormons. These American missionaries hypnotize people. The Bible goes into the background very quickly, and the Book of Mormons becomes the first thing to think about. A person who shows the desire to join the church will be issued a card containing personal information and a long number. However, nobody knows where the taxes payed to this church go. This money is also not registered.

There was a moment when I finally asked for official explanations regarding several issues, including the legal status of the church and so on. I told them that their church was a fake. In return, I was defrocked. I remained the administrator of the community, so I suggested to leave the structure of the Mormon Church. Foreign missionaries came to us on two minibuses and tried to to seize our building. They changed the locks on the door of our premises during our service. These people were the messengers of an illegal mission. They belonged, neither to our community, nor to our so-called religious administration.”

After the “occupants” left, Alexander Tarasyuk sent a letter to Ukraine’s National Security Council and other governmental organizations. In the letter Tarasyuk explained the threat to the country. In his opinion, the threat arises from the “masons-mormons,” who were going to build their temple in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

“The Cherkassy community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints discovered that the administration of the Mormon Church was trying to obtain permission from the Ukrainian government to construct a temple in Kiev. Studying the doctrine and practice of the Church, we came to the conclusion that this religious movement is extremely dangerous for the Ukrainian society and even for the state.”

Alexander Tarasyuk believes that the Mormon Church following a plan to grasp power in the world with the help of the suppressed conscience of the people. In his opinion, their temples were the centers of the sect, where program their members. Tarasyuk stated his surprise to the fact that Ukraine’s law-enforcement bodies ignored this danger for ten years. In addition to that, Tarasyuk said that “it would be good for Ukrainian society to know that the members of this sect make up the majority of personnel from the American special services.

In this connection, Tarasyuk did not understand the meeting between Ukrainian president’s wife Lyudmila Kuchma and Gordon Hinckley, the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During the conversation, Hinckely gave her the check in the sum of $700 thousand for purchasing wheel-chairs. He also asked her to convince Ukrainian officials to approve of the construction of the temple. Kiev Mayor Alexander Omelchenko is the only official to grant such permission. He is to meet Garold Hinckley on September 9th. It seems that the Mormons will have a lot of problems in Ukraine if the government pays attention to this warning.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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