Another emergency on board a Russian nuclear submarine

A technical malfunction was not categorized as a breakdown

As it became known, a nuclear submarine of 667BDRM project changed its course and was going back to the base. This happened during the tests after the capital repairs at the Severodvinsk docking enterprise Zvyozdochka.

Officials of the headquarters of the Russian Navy said that there was nothing frightening about the incident. Navy men categorized the event as an “emergency incident,” not as a “breakdown.” As it was reported, there was a rupture in one of the spring-loaded valve of the high-pressured air system. The compressed air is meant for conditioning the tanks of the driving ballast. The pressure of this air is 400 kilos on a square centimeter. This is a little less than the pressure in a barrel of a gun during a moment of shooting. These incidents are presumably registered as technical malfunctions. However, the rupture of the valve injured one of the specialists of the docking enterprise Artika. Most likely, the man was there repairing electric network or appliances. So, there was nothing but a little incident on board the nuclear submarine.

According to statistics, technical malfunctions and other incidents take place on board US submarines more often in comparison with Russian ones. Specialists believe that it can be explained with projection and construction peculiarities of Soviet and Russian submarines.

Alexander Agafonov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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