Musharraf: Hands off Iraq!

Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf has joined the growing and increasingly heavyweight group of politicians and experts around the world who call on George Bush to use his common sense and to seek a diplomatic exit to the growing tension in the Gulf.

He has warned that an attack by the USA on Iraq could have “very negative repercussions” in the region and could lead to a rise in Islamist extremism, putting the war on terrorism in danger and unnecessarily stirring up anti-American hatred around the world.

He added that he thought “it would alienate the Moslem Islamic World more. It is already dangerous that all political disputes at the moment all around the world are unfortunately involving Moslems, and Moslems are feeling that they are on the receiving end everywhere”.

There is no doubt that President Bush has received advanced warning from enough quarters to make any eventual failed venture entirely his responsibility and that of the hawks in his administration who stubbornly press for war.


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