659 raging fires in Russian forests

According to the data available on Wednesday morning, there are 659 fierce fires in Russian forests, which covered the area of 6,565 hectares in 24 hours, 174 more forests were spotted and extinguished on Tuesday.

The most complicated situation is in the north-west of the country - the Leningrad region, where 226 fires covered the area of 178 hectares in 24 hours, and the Novgorod region, 101 fires covering the area of 100 hectares, Lev Krylov, head of the National Natural Resources Agency press service, reported. In the Moscow region 65 fires expanded the burning area by 22 hectares.

Yakutia tops the list of regions afire. There are 61 fires, which consume the area of 5,585 hectares in 24 hours, there. 25 of them can be referred to the category of heavy ones. 4 of them were localized and 4 others were hard to view because of turbid smoke.

Nearly 7 thousand people were employed in quenching forest fires in Russia.

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