A political alternative to Neo-Liberalism

World Social Forum in Buenos Aires

During the last weekend, Argentine’s capital city hosted the World Social Forum, in which over 600 organizations exchanged ideas on how to build a new world. This anti–Davos conference usually takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil; but this time, due to the remarkable defeat of neo-liberal politics in Argentina, it was moved to Buenos Aires.

Social movements and NGO’s from all over the world gathered at the symposium and discussed alternatives to the current international status quo and innovative politics to democratize the power. Among the presents, relevant figures of the local and international public sphere participated on the debates.

The outstanding presence of Raul Pont, former Major of Porto Alegre for the Workers Party in Brazil and Elisa Carrio, Argentine National Deputy, currently leading opinion polls for presidency in 2003, subjugated an attendance of more than 400 people on Saturday.

During the lecture titled Social Resistance and Political Alternatives in South America, both participants remarked the necessity of rejecting Neo – Liberal programs and US plans to head a Free Trade block all along the Americas, ALCA.

“The current hegemonic power wants to warn us that is impossible to change anything”, expressed Elisa Carrio. In turn, Raul Pont added in perfect Spanish: “Left wing parties cannot grow up without participation and mobilization. Neo-liberalism can be everything, but cannot be democratic”.

Wishes on the unity of all the social movements of America and other regions of the world could be heard all over the buildings of the National University of Buenos Aires. Banners read slogans against US international policy, globalization and international credit institutions. Pictures and T-shirts with the face of Ernesto Che Guevara, also dominated the scene. By the evening, a number of cultural activities, such us popular theatre, music, and art exhibitions attracted those who specially assisted to the Forum and those curious neighbors who wanted to see what was going on in the fairly center of Buenos Aires.

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