9/11 The Big Lie?

Thierry Meyssan is busy as a bee! Pobably because of the fame he has been enjoying since his publication of Frightening Fraud; moreover, the writer likes his popularity. A new book by Thierry Meyssan seeks to prove that the Sept.11 acts of terrorism were committed not by Arab terrorists but by US special services. At that, Meyssan names those who ordered the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. He believes that the attacks were organized by "ultra-rightist" high-ranking officials.

By the end of this month, a book by Thierry Meyssan is to hit US bookstores. This time, the author titled his book 9/11, The Big Lie. The author continues to stick to the version he had previously voiced: the terrorist attacks were planned by by the Americans themselves.

Thierry Meyssan thinks that a US missile, not a passenger jet, smashed into the Pentagon building on September 11. The author insists at that the missile was American. This opinion is confirmed by statements of specialists who say that it was impossible for a passenger jet to fly up to the Pentagon building, as it would have been inevitably brought down. This means that certain US military official wanted the missile to successfully hit the Pentagon building. However, the author doesn’t mention any names. However, it is easy to guess that some of the military “hawks” were probably involved in the attacks.

A question arises as to why the author is so sure that a jet would be inevitably brought down, but a missile disguised as a passenger jet wouldn’t. To tell the truth, the book by Meyssan abounds in conjectures and empty conclusions unsupported by any documents. As for sources and expert estimates used in the book, the author as usual refers only to those sources that confirm his theory. Meyssan simply ignores sources that disagree.

On the whole, the author managed to achieve his main goal: his books are quickly bought up, and the author himself enjoys great popularity and earns great profits at that. Indeed, he can’t be blamed for being a cood capitalist and wanting to earn enough money to retire. Each of us earns a living the way we can.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

In the photo: Thierry Meyssan

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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