Central Bank buys dollars at UTS

At today's morning session, the Central Bank of Russia executed aconsiderable ruble intervention in order to prevent a dollar rate decrease,dealers said in an interview with RBC. They pointed out that at today'sUTS, one could observe large-scale sales of export revenues, which mightbring about ruble strengthening against the US dollar. The Central Bankmust have been dissatisfied with this outlook, and it was buying dollarsactively at the morning trade, specialists stressed.Experts specified that the Central Bank was buying dollars at RUR31.57. Dueto this fact, the average-weighted exchange rate remained at this level atthe special session. In the opinion of specialists, the ruble interventionof the Central Bank amounted to $30m at today's morning session. As thevolume of the UTS was almost $95m today, the share of the Central Bank waseventually about a third of all operations..

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